Welcome to the Ohio State University Stormwater Management Program Website!


Our lab is housed in the Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering Department at the Ohio State University.  Much of our work is focused on watershed management in urban environments, with particular interests in applying Ecological Engineering solutions to complex water management problems.  We provide stormwater and stream management services and technical assistance related to urban water to federal and state agencies, local governments, sewer districts, and watershed groups.  We conduct applied research at the practice, site, sewer, and watershed scales to help understand the cost, benefits and services provided by stormwater and drainage management systems.  We work with stakeholders to develop innovative solutions to watershed management problems.  Much of our research is cross-disciplinary, with current projects involving economists, social scientists, public health specialists, landscape architects, and civil engineers.  Check out our publications and people page for more information on our research, and the news page for the latest updates on our work.