Scouting Summary Week of August 25-29, Final Report of the Season


Corn: Scouted fields ranged from the R1 to R4 stage.  As corn enters brown silk, scouting comes to an end on these fields

Soybeans: Many soybeans in the R4 to R6 stage of development.  Japanese beetle and grasshopper feeding damage were found at low levels in most fields.   Stink bugs are being caught in sweep net samples and a couple of fields did have numbers above the economic threshold.   Some aphids were also observed on plants, at levels below economic threshold. White mold noted in some fields and also some downy mildew.

Alfalfa: Some fields were cut for 3rd harvest, others are growing back from 3rd harvest.  Potato leaf hopper numbers remain low.  Scouts also found low numbers of Japanese beetles and aphids.

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