Former Group Members

Graduate Students

Dr. Andrew Poitras, Ph.D. The Ohio State University 2020

Dr. Hongtu Zhang, Ph.D. The Ohio State University 2020, Postdoc at UCLA

Dr. Katie Gramigna , Ph.D. Brandeis University 2019, Dupont

Dr. Gursu Culcu , Ph.D. Brandeis University 2018, ExxonMobil Chemical

Dr. Mark Bezpalko , Ph.D. Brandeis University 2016, Research/Teaching Postdoc at Villanova University 

Dr. Bing Wu , Ph.D. Brandeis University 2017, Publisher at Elsevier

Dr. Deirdra Evers-McGregor , Ph.D. Brandeis University 2016, Chevron

Dr. Jeremy Krogman , Ph.D. Brandeis University 2015, Assistant Professor at ShanghaiTech University 

Dr. J. Wes Napoline , Ph.D. Brandeis University 2015, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Tara (Fluffy) Cass , M.S. Brandeis University 2015, Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)

Pan (Penny) Liu , M.S. Brandeis University 2015, Sales Professional at Tiffany & Co.

Sadie Knight , M.S. Brandeis University 2015, Patent Agent

Ramyaa Mathialagan , M.S. Brandeis University 2014, ExxonMobil Chemical

Dr. Wen Zhou , Ph.D. Brandeis University 2013, Mass General Hospital / Harvard Medical School

Dr. Baofei Pan , Ph.D. Brandeis University 2012, Senior Research Scientist, A123 Systems

Bennett Greenwood , M.S. Brandeis University 2011, Scientist I, Berg Diagnostics

Tracey Friss , M.A. Brandeis University 2010, Senior QA Laboratory Engineer, Waters Corporation


Dr. Kyounghoon Lee, 2019-2021, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Education, Gyeongsang National University  

Dr. Jeffrey Beattie, 2018-2020

Dr. Elizabeth Lane, 2018-2019, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc.

Dr. Kathleen Taylor , 2016-2017

Dr. Seth Marquard , 2011-2015, Staff Scientist, Ecolab

Dr. Subramaniam Kuppuswamy , 2011-2014, Product Technology Development Manager, CMC Materials

Dr. Claudia Fafard , 2009, Air Liquide

Dr. Gerard Rowe , 2008-2010, Chair, Department of Chemistry and Physics, University of South Carolina – Aiken

Undergraduates (Ohio State)

Riley Kelch ’21, Graduate Student at the University of Wisconsin

Shannon Cooney ’21, Graduate Student at the University of Rochester

Nathan Pimental ’20, Production Chemist at GFS Chemicals

Ariel Mendoza ’18, Graduate Student at The Ohio State University

Undergraduates (Brandeis)

Laura Bonvini ’18, CS Product Application Specialist at Roche

Leah Oliemuller ’17, Graduate Student at The Ohio State University

Jaime Korner ’17, Graduate Student at the University of Victoria

Gayle Bornovski ’17, Graduate Student at Texas A&M University

Jeremy Koob ’17, Graduate Student at Harvard University

Rhea Small ’17, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories

Dan Rozel ’16, Marketing and Sales Director at Strat-O-Matic

Annie Schide ’16, Graduate Student at Colorado School of Mines

Kian Parsa ’16, Medical Student at NYU

Yue (Olivia) Yu ’16, Student at University of Florida College of Pharmacy

Noam Saper ’15, Ph.D from UC-Berkeley, Senior Process Chemist at Exemplify BioPharma

Alexandra Sun ’15, Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Research Scientist at Merck 

Kyle Lee ’15 

Suwan Lee ’15, MBA student at the University of Chicago Booth

Rena Shi ’14, Synthetic Chemist at Aramco R&D

Sadrach Pierre ’13, Ph.D. from Cornell University, Quantitative Researcher at WorldQuant Predictive

Ben Crown ’13 

John Shen ’13, M.S. from Yale University

Alexandra De Denko ’13, Graduate Student at UC-Davis

Zhequan Xu ’13, Senior Presidential Associate at Estee Lauder

Ariel Hyre ’13, Ph.D. from Boston University

Usman Hameedi ’12, Graduate Student at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Dr. Rhea McCullough ’12, Associate Veterinarian at Concord Animal Hospital

Jordana Goodman ’12, IP Transaction Attorney at Gunderson Dettmer, Graduate Student in Chem. Eng. at WPI

Vinay Setty ’12 

Vijay Setty ’12 

Benjy Cooper ’11, Ph.D. from Boston University, Co-founder and CEO of Articulate Biosciences

Ryan Cheng ’11, Account and Business Development Manager, BASF 

Greg Day ’10, Graduate Student at Texas A&M University

Roger Giovannangeli ’10, ExxonMobil Chemical

Dr. Dan Graham ’10, Ph.D. from Harvard, Scientist at Oakwood Chemical 

Alia Bluestein ’10 

Dr. Dan Kellenberger ’09, Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, Module and Integration Device Yield Engineer, Intel Corporation

Scott Forman ’09, Associate at Wolf Greenfield