Grill Smart for Youth coming in June..time to register is NOW

For years by participating in MQP and carcass projects, Fairfield County youth have experienced raising livestock that produced quality product for the consumer. Unfortunately, some youth have seldom experienced how to properly season and grill the product they produce.

Understanding that few things can satisfy like the aroma, tenderness, juiciness, and deep rich flavor of a steak, loin chop or ground product grilled to perfection, on June 28 local youth can learn and experience how to correctly select, season, prepare and grill the perfect steak or ground product during Grill Smart for Youth.

Grill Smart is a program adapted by OSU Extension Beef Field Specialist Garth Ruff from the Barbecue Science class that is taught annually on campus at The Ohio State University. This program for local youth will take participants all the way from meat selection to safely serving a perfectly grilled masterpiece.

More specifically, during the 2 +/- hour Grill Smart for Youth class, participants learn to match the appropriate cooking methodology with a particular muscle or cut, gain an understanding of how or why different muscles are typically merchandised as steaks or roasts, and which cuts are best suited for preparation on the grill. Furthermore, those in attendance will learn about potential food safety issues when preparing meat and other food products.

Hosted in the Fairfield County Ag Center beginning at 11 a.m. on June 28, youth are invited to bring a steak or loin chop from home and learn how to safely season and prepare it on the grill. Participants will also season and grill ground beef that will be provided. The grill, seasoning and all other supplies will also be provided funded in part by the Fairfield County Cattlemen.

Youth should register today to participate in this opportunity to learn to select, prepare, grill and safely serve the perfect steak, chop or ground beef. Call the OSU Extension office (740-653-5419) for more information and to register.