TGDA @ OSU 2016 Registration and Application for Funding

Funding Information

Current PhD students and young researchers within 5 years of the PhD degree are qualified to apply for partial travel / accomodation support to attend the TGDA conference. To apply for the Young Researcher Travel Support, you should submit (i) your contact information, and (ii) your current CV via the form below.


You should also arrange a letter of support from your advisor or other researcher familiar with your work and/or interests to be sent to The deadline for submitting your application is March 1st, 2016.


Keep in mind that if you are planning to apply for funding, due to NSF regulations, in order for us to be able to reimburse you need to book your travel on a US carrier.


Registration -- TGDA@OSU 2016

Registration -- TGDA@OSU 2016

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