Making the Safe Bet

If you’ve watched live television since the new year, undoubtedly, you’ve seen a commercial for sport betting in Ohio.  The latest gambling trend offers yet another way individuals aged 21 and older can let their dollar ride with the prospect of extra income.

With the passage of House Bill 29, sports gaming proprietors who are licensed and regulated by the Ohio Casino Control Commission can offer sports gaming online, at gaming facilities, and through local terminals located in bars, restaurants and casinos.

While this gambling is legal, it is important that community members realize the risk and potential problematic behavior this can bring for some individuals, especially residential students. According to the 2022-2023 Residential Living Handbook, gambling in any form is not permitted within University Housing or on university premises. Such activities include, but are not limited to, football parlays, card games involving money, lotteries, betting, bookmaking, games of chance, schemes of chance and raffles in which a ticket must be purchased.

It’s important to read the respective policies and laws regarding sports betting in Ohio to avoid making costly mistakes. If you plan to bet, bet responsibly, and be sure to follow all applicable policies and laws. For detailed suggestions regarding safe betting, please check out the Student Wellness Center resources at: College Sports Betting in Ohio | Student Wellness Center.