VerMeers Kitchen

VerMeers Kitchen.

This is 24″ X 48″ – oil on canvas.  Someone gave me a beautiful frame so had to make a painting to compliment it.

This is from 3 different works – the oven, fireplace and chef in blue is from a photograph and the two kitchen maids are from old paintings.  The Milk Maid on the left is a VerMeer and not certain what the one on the right is from, but she is lamenting the task in front of her – pealing potatoes. Most of the utensils and containers are improvised from other photo/paintings. Some are just from memory.  The style is similar to VerMeers with the window on left lighting up the whole room.  Currently on virtual exhibit at the Toledo Artist Club.  After taking this picture some small details were modified.  Was intending to add more things but decided enough is enough.

Prairie Barn

This is called Prairie Barn.  A scene from a movie but without the actors. Wanted to experiment with browns and dark spaces.


Enjoyed the original photo so painted it.  This is not the final version so it is still a “work-in-progress”.

My Goals & Next project


My goal is to make artwork that others will enjoy.  I have won many awards for my artwork and the one award that is most important to me is the “Peoples Choice Award” when individuals deem a work of art as the best-in-show.  And the ultimate complement is when someone is willing to put money down to purchase artwork.

The next project is a painting with a theme similar to the “Maybe Next Year” painting – a “People’s Choice Award” winner.  This artwork was popular with many people and was purchased in August for a private collection.  So, with a different subject – same theme – started the process on Oct 17 by locating a great photo & sketching on a 20 x 24 canvas.  Spent 6 hours on Oct 18 painting the base coat of the face – which is larger than life-size.  The theme won’t show-up until the last detail coat which will show detail down to the thread of an embroidery.


Ready for drying – next is varnish

I think it is ready for varnish.  Would like to spend more time on details but have to stop at some point.  It has to dry for a few weeks then a coat or two of early varnish. (can’t wait for 6 months for the final varnish.)