The SEMI-ME is a research group that studies selection, processing and effects of mediated messages. Furthermore, the group investigates the content, creation and sharing of mediated messages.

SEMI-ME research meeting, Valentine's Day 2020

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Dr. Knobloch-Westerwick

Dr. Knobloch-Westerwick

The SEMI-ME group is led by Dr. Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick, a professor at the School of Communication at The Ohio State University and a Fellow of the International Communication Association. She serves as co-editor of Communication Research, a flagship journal of communication science.




Jan 10 – Welcome Back! Snacks!

Jan 17 – Semri Model Presentation, Dr. Ann Rousseau

Jan 24 – Start at: 9:45AM; Mobile Selective Exposure (Morgan Ross) / Job Talk George

Jan 31 – Meeting start at 10:15; Rachel’s instagram study; Wenbo’ Mira 2 Presentation

Feb 7 – Saumya, Presenting on Spiral of Silence

Feb 14 – Kate <3 Dissertation <3 Valentine’s Day <3

Feb 21 – Elizabeth Talks Marilyn

Feb 28 – Silvia’s paper “Filter bubble”

Mar 6 – R scripts (Thank you, Daniel!)Mar 13- Spring Break!

Mar 20 – //Spring Break extended due to COVID-19// no meeting

Mar 27 – ZOOM meeting — checking in, updates during pandemic

Apr 3 – ZOOM meeting — Elizabeth Thesis

Apr 10 – ZOOM meeting (Daniel dissertation defense test run) Elizabeth’s Birthday!

Apr 17 – ZOOM meeting (Elizabeth thesis project presentation ) Apr 24 – at 9 am! ZOOM presentation from Tokyo – Ling presenting data from Japan

May 1 – ZOOM presentation, Silvia and George, information verification impacts

May 15 – ZOOM presentation, Rachel, thesis, mental health support seeking on Instagram
May 15 – ZOOM presentation, Jill Morris [senior grant specialist, OSU]: Grant Acquisition Resources

May 22 – ZOOM, feedback for Elizabeth’ paper on online video selection (Marilyn)

May 28 (Thursday) – ZOOM meeting, Daniel’s discussion of theory piece in the making
May 28 (Thursday) – ZOOM feedback on REDDIT study procedure

June 5  – ZOOM meeting, George’s Agenda-setting paper feedback
June 5  – ZOOM meeting Elizabeth’s Marilyn study 2 procedure feedback

June 12  – ZOOM meeting, Daniel’s confirmation bias chapter