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  1. I have what I believe to be a black and silver Argiope spider living in a crook in my house. It is a beautiful spider, very large (2″ or so) black and silver. I have never seen this type of spider in Ohio. It has very long front legs and semi long back legs- giving the appearance of only having 4 legs. The legs have some stripes on them as well.
    I am in Westerville, and if you would like to come -collect the spider, I am all for it!! Or please let me know an alternative person to contact.
    Although the spider is beautiful- it must go- soon. Thanks – Bev Swihart

    • Hi Bev! Thanks for contacting the Roberts Lab – that spider sounds like a beauty! Can you send us a picture? We don’t typically collect unless we need the spiders for a particular project, but thanks for the offer. She’ll most likely move along on her own within a few days to weeks even without our intervention. If you’re lucky, she’ll stick around long enough to be a living part of your Halloween decorations!

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