Patient Case Presentation

Example of Typical Patient:

Sally Thompson

Age: 36

Ht: 5’ 4”

Wt: 245 lbs. ( 111.4 kg)

BMI: 42

S.T. presents to her primary physician with some concerns she has noticed over the last year. S.T. states that she has had an irregular period for over 8 months, sees an increase in the amount of hair growing on her face and body. Has kept a good routine of hygiene and face cleaning, but has had facial acne for over a year now and showing signs of acanthosis nigricans in her axilla region bilat. Her husband and her have been trying for a baby the last two years but unfortunately have not been able to conceive. She has been a Type 2 diabetic for the last three years. She also states that her mother’s medical history notes PCOS at age thirty-three years old.

With further testing and lab results:

Testosterone: 110 ng/dL  (normal range 6-86 ng/dL for women)

LH: 18 mlU/ml

FSH: 6  mlU/ml

Glucose: 186 (normal range is 70-110)

LH results show tripled that of the FSH number so a 3:1 ratio which disrupts ovulation. LH and FSH should be about equal for normal ovulation.

Ultrasound examination was positive for polycystic ovaries bilat showing as a smooth, pearly white capsule and large in diameter bilat.

With the evaluation of elevated androgens, irregular menstruation, and the ultrasound showing positive results of polycystic ovaries bilat the diagnosis of PCOS has been confirmed.