Tree and Wood Harvesting in the Area

From John Mueller, District Manager, Division of Forestry – Findlay

As our economy changes and reshoring from foreign countries takes place, there are some disruptions in the wood supply.  This is leading to mid-west wood and wood box suppliers looking for alternative supply sources.  We have received letters in the county from these suppliers looking to come directly to your wooded property and provide you a quote to purchase your trees with a commitment on the spot. Please know that you DO NOT have to commit at that time and you can receive help and advice on this if you prefer.  There is competition for your wood and perhaps you could get a better price.

Comment from Sarah – Believe it or not, we have a division of Ohio Forestry over Paulding County.  They will be a neutral party in any discussions and make sure that you are not being taken advantage of in these critical decisions. If this is a topic that you would like education on, I would be willing to set up a virtual informational countywide meeting. 

Reach out to

John Mueller, District Manager– Division of Forestry- Findlay, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, 952 Lima Avenue, Findlay, OH 45840, Office Number: 419-424-5004,,

Fall Webworm

Overwintered fall webworm (Hyphantria cunea) eggs are hatching and first-generation nests are appearing in southwest Ohio.  Look for these hairy caterpillars inside small silk nests enveloping just a few leaves.  The nests will rapidly expand over the next few weeks to include more leaves and become more evident. Continue reading

Recycling is back open in Paulding County

From Shannon Ruschel, Paulding County WMEA

Recycling for Paulding Fairgrounds, Grover Hill, Scott, and Haviland resumed on Sat, June 6.  Paulding and Grover Hill will be from 9 AM-11 AM and Scott/Haviland will be from 11:15 AM-11:45 AM. There are new guidelines for the proper preparation of your recycling processing. Please, please, please absolutely no dumping of your recycling. Wait for our trailer to arrive and the Boy Scouts will unload for you.


  • Plastics – We accept only Plastics Numbers 1 and 2. Please check the bottom of the container for the number in the triangle. The plastics need to be separated based on the number. These types will include: Water Bottles, Milk Jugs (clear/opaque ones need to be separated from the solid white ones), Pop Bottles, Juice Containers, Detergent Containers, Bleach/Vinegar bottles, Vitamin/Prescription bottles
  • Newspaper and Inserts – Please lay flat or placed flat in a paper bag. Bundle and tie together or place in boxes
  • Cardboard – Collapsed and flattened
  • Magazines/Catalogs (glossy finish) – Please lay flat or placed flat in a paper bag, bundle and tie together or place in boxes
  •  Aluminum Cans pop/energy drinks – Please rinse out
  • Steel Cans (soup, fruit, vegetable, etc..) – Rinse out cans to avoid bugs/odors

Please call 419-399-3630 with any questions


Keeping Yourself and Your Woodlands Healthy videos and resources from May 8 Webinar Now Available

From Dave Apsley

Below are the videos and resources from all eight presentations from our May 8 Virtual DAY in the WOODS.   Thanks to all of our partners and presenters for making this happen! The topics include Spring Migrating Birds, Health Benefits of Woodlands, Crop Tree Management, Evaluate your Road and Trails, Boundary Marking, Look for Spotted Lantern Fly, and Other Insects, Inventory Young Oaks, Scouting for Invasive Plants.

Continue reading

Final Deadline approaching for Paulding County Master Gardener Volunteers College Scholarship

By Sarah Noggle, OSU Extension Agriculture, and Natural Resources, Paulding County

June 6, 2020:  The Paulding County Master Gardeners provide education and information about horticulture to the citizens of Paulding County.  In 2020, they will be offering their 5th annual college scholarship.  This scholarship is awarded to provide access to educational opportunities for Paulding County residents.  The scholarship was developed from money from their annual plant sale.  The Master Gardeners want anyone pursuing a degree in horticulture to have the opportunity to further their education. Even though the 2020 plant sale did not commence, the MGVs are still offering an opportunity for this scholarship.   Continue reading

Welcome to the Paulding County Master Gardener Program

Welcome to the blogsite for the Paulding County Master Gardener Volunteer Program.  I am excited to share with you Horticulture, Natural Resources, and Master Gardener Volunteer news and events from around the area, region, and state. Additionally, this blog site holds the tab for our Master Gardener Volunteer hotline to answer your local gardening, tree, pond, horticulture, flower, and insect questions. We will try our best to answer local and state questions. Finally, this blogsite will feature area events based on gardening and horticulture. Please email for any questions. 

Welcome to our World – Sarah Noggle, Extension Educator, Agriculture, and Natural Resources