The Advanced Studies Institute (ASI) is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under the Office of International Science and Engineering (OD/OISE) program. The ASI will take place in northern Italy, including the cities of Milan, Turin, Bologna, and Modena, which houses a strong manufacturing sector. As evidenced in recent years, a resilient manufacturing sector is critical for coping with international supply chain disruptions, for fostering economic prosperity and national security, and for encouraging research and technological innovation in an increasingly competitive global market.

The ASI is for graduate students who study advanced manufacturing in the U.S. Each ASI student will be in Italy for 15 days. The ASI will promote collaborative and global thinking and prepare the students to become more comfortable with international collaborations.  Overall, students will have access to a unique research environment in Italy where both universities and industries facilitate the maturity of research projects into commercialization.