Ractopamine is banned in 2020

SPECIAL NOTE: During their regular April 21, 2020 Board meeting that was held via video conference, the Fairfield County Sr. Fairboard rescinded two actions from their original motions passed in January regarding their 2020 swine shows. Those two rescinded actions are:

  • The OPEN class swine show is NO LONGER a ractopamine-free show.
  • For the JUNIOR show, the BREEDER is NO LONGER required to sign an affidavit indicating the pig was ractopamine-free at the time the Junior exhibitor acquired it.

The 2020 Junior Fair swine show remains ractopamine-free and the balance of this site reflects the current rules for Junior exhibitors as adopted and later amended.

* * * * *

At their regular January meeting, the Fairfield County Senior Fairboard passed a motion making the Junior Fair swine show for the 2020 Fair ractopamine-free. This means that pigs exhibited at the 2020 Fairfield County Junior Fair, including both ‘live’ and MQP pigs, have never been fed or exposed to ractopamine sources from the time of birth to the time of harvest.

During their February meeting, the Board adopted the requirement that an affidavit that must be received from each exhibitor regarding their swine exhibit.

This affidavit will be from the parent/guardian and is due at fair weigh in on the Saturday immediately prior to the beginning of the fair. Find that Parent/Legal Guardian Affidavit linked here.

Junior fair market hogs at the 2020 Fairfield County Fair will be subject to random testing for ractopamine by both the Fairfield County Agriculture Society and the buyer/packer bidder.  If a pig tests positive for ractopamine, the Fairfield County Agriculture Society and the buyer/packer bidder reserves the right to determine disciplinary and financial penalties against the exhibitor.

As more decisions are made regarding the implementation of ractopamine-free Junior Fair swine exhibits at the 2020 Fairfield County Fair, that information will be posted here.

Today, for more about the history of ractopamine and the move to ractopamine-free swine production and exhibitions, visit our What, Why & How; FAQ’s page that can be found linked above. Visit our Facts/Info page for information about managing swine that are ractopamine-free, and also the plans for the Ohio State Fair swine show.

You may also contact the Senior Fair Board at 740-653-3041 for more information.