Mindfulness/Meditation Group

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Our Meditation Community

Thanks for joining us on this peaceful journey, it means a lot to us. Let me introduce you to the OSU Weekly Mindfulness Meditation Group – a community that has been gathering since 2020.

Our group is pretty unique – we have a rotation of leaders, who all bring their favorite meditation practices every Friday from 8:45 AM to 9:30 AM. And sometimes, we’re lucky enough to have guests from OSU and Columbus who come in to lead a session.

The best part is that each leader has a different style of meditation, so it’s always a diverse and interesting experience. Some leaders offer live sessions, while others share insightful videos – it’s like a rich tapestry of practices.

If you are interested in meditation or are a regular practitioner, we invite you to visit the weekly meditation page and attend one of the weekly meditation groups.

Ohio State provides many resources for improving mindfulness, exploring meditation, and reducing stress. Visit the Meditation Resources page to see a list of some of the resources that can support you on your journey into mindfulness and meditation.

Please bookmark and revise this page to find more future mediation activities that would be available for Ohio State Faculty and Staff. If you participate in or lead a mediation group that is open to Ohio state employees please email us and we will work to add your group to the resources and weekly mediation pages. You are invited to join our Meditation Community Teams Channel for weekly event updates and our Meditation Community Calendar.

What is Meditation? You Decide.

Meditation has proven difficult to define as it covers a wide range of dissimilar practices in different traditions. In popular usage, the word “meditation” and the phrase “meditative practice” are often used imprecisely to designate practices found across many cultures. These can include almost anything that is claimed to train the attention of mind or to teach calm or compassion. There remains no definition of necessary and sufficient criteria for meditation that has achieved universal or widespread acceptance within the modern scientific community. In 1971, Claudio Naranjo noted that “The word ‘meditation’ has been used to designate a variety of practices that differ enough from one another so that we may find trouble in defining what meditation is.”: A 2009 study noted a “persistent lack of consensus in the literature” and a “seeming intractability of defining meditation”.


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Check out our weekly event and other meditation and wellness offerings on the YP4H Events Calendar .