Year in Review

This past semester has been a great change for the better in my life.  I have gotten far more involved with campus activities and have started to get an idea of what I want to do for a career since I am an Undecided student.  Socially, I have participated on 5 different intramural sports teams this semester and have also become a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.  This has required a lot of time commitment and balancing of both social and academic interests.  Academically, I have worked very hard trying to stay active in both classes and Health Science Scholars.  I have been doing well in my classes and have been considering declaring business with a stats minor as of late.  I have been active volunteering with various event such as helping clean up the Schottenstein Center after two basketball games, helping make sandwiches for the homeless, and shoveling snow for a house.  My expectations for college were pretty accurate except for the fact that it was much easier than I thought to make such a big college small and feel personal along with easily being able to find and get to classes.  Health Science Scholars has also required a lot more work and tim commitment than I first thought, although I know that’s for the best in order to make me a better more well rounded student.  My goals for the second year are to not fall behind on any required events or requirements because it is very hard to catch up.  I also want to get more involved as a student in Health Science Scholars by helping run some events and share my first year experience with the new first years.  My most memorable service event was definitely making sandwiches for a homeless shelter, because I made them with my fraternity so I got to make them with my friends, share laughs, and also know I was making a positive impact on several people’s lives.  I believe as a group we made over 500 bagged lunches that contained 2 sandwiches, and a bag of chips.


imgres-1I enjoyed watching some March Madness games at World of Beer.  I have never eaten there before primarily due to it being a new sports bar restaurant, but definitely will be back soon as it is close at Gateway.  The venue was very nice with several television screens, outside seating, and several options for food and drinks.  I enjoyed a burger and fries with my friends.


imgresOver Spring Break I went with several friends to Daytona Beach in Florida.  This was a fun and exciting week long trip that let me get closer and build stronger relationships with my friends.  I also got to meet several other students from colleges all over the country, including many from The Ohio State University.  Since this trip was just with my friends it provided me with much responsibility and experience with vacationing without my parents.  I hope to do more trips like this in the future.


soccer_jd-sportsplexI have not played soccer since the 4th grade, but decided it would be fun to participate with my floor.  They all played in high school so it was definitely not a sport I excelled at, but I had lots of fun and helped my team make it as the second seed in the playoffs.  I played in 3 indoor soccer games which were played at the ARC, which is also a place I have never been.  This was a great learning experience and made me quite interested in playing soccer again next year.  Besides soccer I participated on four other intramural sports teams, so I stayed active this year and tried things I have not done before.

My Professional Resume



Matthew Scott McCallister – 120 West 11th Avenue Columbus, OH 43210 – (440) 829-3020



The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH                    Expected Graduation Date: May 2019

Major: Undecided                                                                                      Overall GPA (4.0 scale): Undetermined


Saint Edward High School, Lakewood, OH                                    Graduated May 2015, GPA: 3.88



Mercy Regional Medical Center, Lorain OH

Mercy Healthcare Academy Student (2013-2015):

  • Competitive acceptance for students interested in healthcare
  • Monthly meetings of prospective healthcare students to discuss medical experiences and healthcare assignments
  • Required 8 hours per month of medical shadowing of doctors and different surgeries




  • Health Science Scholars (HSS) Program (August 2015- Present)
    • Chosen to participate in a competitive, community-based program for first and second year students interested in health-related careers; attend weekly seminar course and relevant HSS events, complete 40 service hours per year

High School:

  • Student Ambassador (2011- 2015)
  • High Honor Roll all 4 years (2011-2015)
  • Habitat for Humanity (June 2013)



  • Very proficient in Mathematics
  • Relevant Courses to be completed by May 2015: General Chemistry 1, Health Science Scholars Seminar, Calculus 1 & 2, Microeconomics, Anthropology 1



Westlake Recreation Center, Westlake, OH

Baseball Umpire (2013 &2014 Spring and Summer seasonal position)

  • Pre-season training along with baseball experience and required tests in order to obtain a position
  • Games played ranged from ages 10-14 year-old boys
  • Worked about 12 hours each weekend for about 7 weekends each year

Year in Review

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Global Awareness: In the past year I have been very involved in diversifying my portfolio.  I have take courses such as Global Leadership and World Literature, which have made me very aware of the world around me and their relations to America.  I have also been very active in wanting to go abroad, which eventually led me to getting an internship in Sydney, Australia this upcoming summer.  I am prepared to take the next step in understanding the world around me.
Original Inquiry: I have had to do lots of research for all of my core business classes, which has made me more knowledgable on certain issues and prepared as a young scholar in the world.  I have yet to explore major research opportunities, as I have focused primarily on gaining an intellectually stimulating internship this summer, but I look to eventually explore more research opportunities both in and out of the classroom.
Academic Enrichment: I have decided to not just study Finance as my major, but also take on Business Analytics as a challenging minor.  These core classes have been very challenging yet thought provoking and have helped me learn a lot in the past two years.  My Scholars program has helped me get involved in service and academic enrichment outside of the classroom which has been a major asset I will continue to use in the future.


Leadership Development:  I have taken several leadership roles while at The Ohio State University.  In the classroom I have always been one of the most engaging students who will always take the lead on a group project.  I have also been a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, which has helped me get involved on campus and take on different leadership roles such as recruitment and athletics chairs.
Service Engagement:  For my Fraternity I have had to take part in over 40 hours of community service for different group events such as park cleanups and rabbit shelters.  This has also been a priority for my Scholars program, so community service has been very important to me in my two years at The Ohio State University.


Health Science Scholars Seminar has prepared me well for considering all aspects of life such as my backup plan, my goals, the resources and opportunities available to me, my current journey, and the future I want to strive towards.  Coming into the semester I had no idea what career or major I desired.  I declared undecided on the pre-med track not even sure if science was a field I wanted to pursue.  I still am foggy and do not know of the exact area of study I would enjoy, but I am starting to think more and more about business as a direction for me with a backup plan in mathematics.  I have been utilizing the campus by setting up several academic advisor meetings in order to make sure that I am on the right track for any career I decide to turn to and my exploratory seminar class has explained in detailed the aspects of every major at Ohio State.  I must stick to a plan of working hard Sunday through Friday academically, staying social Friday night and Saturday, and trying new things in order to keep a healthy mind.  I have done a great job of this so far, and I strongly believe I can continue this routine for as long as I desire.  Listening to upperclassman and faculty members is essential to the learning process in college since everything I am experiencing this semester has been brand new to me while they have experience and words of wisdom.  I will grow into the man I strive to become by continuously challenging myself in every aspect and not letting my mind tell me I can not do something that I certainly am capable of accomplishing.


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