Gearing up for Pelotonia 2014

Like everyone else, I started riding as a kid, and got my first racing bike in 1974, a used Raleigh. I have been an ardent cyclist pretty much my whole life, moving up to a beautiful Masi in 1976, which I restored a few years ago and still

Although I love to ride, I have to admit I don’t ride as much as I used to—certainly not as much as I intended when we settled in downtown Columbus, with access to miles of wonderful bike trails.

Pelotonia has been on my radar since my arrival on campus last summer; riders were gearing-up for the big ride and the energy was hard to miss.

Why would I not ride?

Beyond the way I feel about biking, I am riding in Pelotonia for other compelling reasons—and I encourage members of our arts and sciences family to join me. I am sure that you can find a reason.

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What are the lasting lessons our students take with them?

View from the stage at spring commencement, Ohio Stadium

After the frenzied end-of-semester activities that seem infinite, but are all too soon over, it was nearly surreal to sit on the stadium stage, thinking about how much fun it was to be participating in my first Ohio State spring commencement ceremonies.

Commencement at Ohio State is unlike any other—remarkable in part for the fact that in this vast arena, with more than 10,000 students about to graduate, each one—EACH ONE—will receive his or her diploma personally from the hand of the dean of his or her college.

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