Coordinator: Dr. Xiang Wan (



The seminar series designed to provide students and faculty with an interactive environment to discuss academic and practice topics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. These presentations enable researchers to improve and enhance their methodology, writing and presentation skills before submitting the works for publication in elite journals and for presentation at important conferences.



The seminar serves the following objectives:

  • Doctoral students present their working papers;
  • Faculty members at The Ohio State University and from other universities share their research projects;
  • Practitioners discuss logistics-related products, services, and issues in their companies.



Autumn Semester 2019

Date Time Topic Title Presenter Location
Sep. 19 10am- 11:30am Transshipments in Supply Chains Xiang Wan
The Ohio State University
Fisher 500
Sep. 26 10am- 11:30am Citations, Databases, Housekeeping:  Surviving the PhD Program in One Piece Sebastian Brockhaus
John Carroll University
Fisher 500
Oct. 03 10am- 11:30am Last Mile Crowdsourcing across Logistics Strategies Vince Castillo
The Ohio State University
Fisher 500
Oct. 17 10:30am- 12:00am The Effect of Pop-up Stores on Customer Acquisition and Retention: Evidence from a Quasi-Field Experiment Kate Ren
University of Maryland
Fisher 500
Oct. 22 10am- 11:30am Optimal Districting after Disasters considering Social Costs Johanna Amaya Leal
Iowa State University
Fisher 500
Nov. 07 10am- 11:30am Sharing Economy in the Trucking Industry Zenan Zhou
The Ohio State University
Fisher 500
Nov. 14 10am- 11:30am Contracting for innovation in public services: Capabilities, institutions and intermediation Kostas Selviaridis
Lancaster University
Fisher 700