Citrus Greening

Citrus tree infected with citrus greening disease. HD Catling,

Citrus tree infected with citrus greening disease.  H.D. Catling,

by Emily Herring, Sustainable Plant Systems major

While I was searching for a new topic in the news, and with the help of Pinterest, I came across citrus greening in Texas. It is also called Huanglongbing (HLB) and it is considered the most destructive disease in Asian, Africa and in the now in North and South America. It is also known as the Yellow Dragon Disease, and this bacterium is spread by an insect. The insect carries the bacterium for the rest of its life, and the plant itself, dead or alive, including the debris and the tree itself can remain infected. . It has been found so far in Texas on orange trees. Unfortunately there is little information on this disease since it has just recently affected Texas, as well as a few other southern states.

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