Spring 2021 Talks

Date Presenter Title of Talk or Paper
1/12 planning
1/19 Laura Wagner Ambridge and Wagner “Testable theories of core first language acquisition“, Pearl “Theory and predictions for the development of morphology and syntax: A Universal Grammar + statistics approach
1/26 Holly Lind-Combs Paper on prosody TBA
2/2 Micha Elsner simulations in cross-lingual morphological learning
2/9 TBA
2/16 Derek Houston a conceptual framework for language input and outcomes in children with cochlear implants
2/23 Rebekah Stanhope Prosodic processing in tweens
3/2 TBA
3/9 Johana Chaparro Moreno Vocabulary development in Spanish/English bilinguals
3/16 Spring break
3/23 Kris Bowdrie TBA
3/30 Laura Wagner Children’s understanding of meta-narratives
4/6 Pedro Ortiz Ramirez Working memory and overt subject expression
4/13 Stephanie Antetomaso Fieldwork protocols and the vowel inventory of Wao Tededo
4/20 Irina Castellanos Temperament in children with cochlear implants