Spring 2021

April 2021
The Bhava Cycle
Created and Directed by Shyama Iyer


Autumn 2020

December 2020
Joy. Laughter. Rage.
A mini festival curated by Nicolas Shannon Savard (PhD Theatre)

November 2020
Still Going Song
A mini festival curated by Matt Greenberg (MFA Theatre)

November 2020
How to Write a Play
Written and Directed by Mary Wheeler (BA Theatre)

September 2020
Experiential Mime
Created by Tamara Boeck (BA Theatre)


Spring 2020

February 17 – 18
Violent. Beautiful. Things.
Devised and Directed by Sean Naughton (MFA Theatre)

March 2 – 3
Voids and Adequacy
Devised and Directed by Ashley Bice (BA Theatre)


Fall 2019

September 16 – 17
A pair of readings
Birnham Wood: A Macbeth for the Modern Girl
Written and Directed by Alayna Hanson (BA Art)
Sarah and Sallie
Written and Directed by Jenny Morrison (BA Theatre)

October 7 – 8
Lisa’s Treaty: a new adaptation of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata
Written and Directed by Josh Streeter (PhD Theatre)

October 28 – 29
By Julia Specht
Directed by Nicolas Shannon Savard (PhD Theatre)

November 18 – 19
The Waters We Swim In
Written and Directed by Jordan Booker (BA Theatre)

December 2 – 3
nothing at all.
Written and Directed by Betsy Huggins (BA Theatre)


Spring 2019

February 11 – 12
The Great Mediator
Written and Directed by Isaiah Johnson (BA theatre)

February 25 – 26
ABCs of Life
Written and Directed by Jared Grumney (BA theatre)
Drag Me Down
By Sara Katschka
Directed by Alayna Hanson (BA art)

March 4 – 5
As You Like It?
Original text by William Shakespeare
Adapted and Directed by Aubrey Neumann (PhD theatre), Eric Brinkman (PhD theatre), Julianne Nogar (MFA theatre), Shannon Savard (PhD theatre)

March 18 – 19
A Walk Through June
Written and Directed by Tony White (BA theatre)
Written and Directed by Marielle Ticoras (BA theatre)

April 1 – 2
Written and Directed by Dakota Drown (BA theatre)

April 15 – 16
The Else or Something
Written and Directed by Karie Miller (PhD theatre)


Autumn 2018

September 10 – 11
Being Alive and Other Big Jokes
Written and Directed by Olivia Sawatzki (BA theatre)

September 24 – 25
No Fighting
Written by Alize Raptou (BFA dance)

October 8 – 9
Five and a Half Feet of Fearsome
Written by Shannon Savard (PhD theatre)
Directed by Aubrey Helene Neumann (PhD theatre)

October 20
She, Too, Sings America: A Festival of Readings of Work
by Georgia Douglass Johnson and Eulalie Spence
Directed by Caroline Hill (MA theatre) and Aviva Neff (PhD theatre)

October 23
The Municipal[s] Davenport
Original text by Jenny Wray
Adapted and Directed by Josh Streeter (MA theatre)

November 5 – 6
From Prince to King
Directed by Jason Speicher (BA theatre)

November 19 – 20
Written and Directed by Sarina Hyland (BA theatre) and Brad Rinehart (BA theatre)

December 3 – 4
Written and Directed by Kassie Rice (BA theatre)


Spring 2018

January 16
Big Ten Play: Companion Animals
By Madeliene George

February 8 – 10
Lab Series Plus: Maybe Baby, It’s You
By Charlie Shanian and Shari Simpson
Directed by Nathan Sims

February 12 – 13
The Blue Hour: City Sketches
By David Mamet
Directed by Michael Erickson (BA theatre)

February 26 – 27
Food: An Uncomfortable Exploration
Written and Directed by Rebecca Sharrer (BA theatre) and Will Scarborough (BA theatre)

March 5 – 6
Art Goblins
Written and Directed by Mark Allison (BA psychology)

March 26 – 27
The House
Written and Directed by Laura Falb (BA theatre)

April 2 – 3
Written and Directed by Kassie Rice (BA theatre)


Autumn 2017

September 11 – 12
Tales from Retail
Written and Directed by Dakota Drown (BA theatre and international studies)

September 25 – 26
8: A Staged Reading
By Dustin Lance Black
Directed by Vince Bella (BA English education)

October 9 – 10
Screw You Danny Turek, I Wrote a Play
Written and Directed by Sara Stone (BA theatre)

October 23 – 24
Hot ‘n’ Throbbing
By Paula Vogel
Directed by Shannon Savard (MA theatre)

November 6 – 7
Gruesome Playground Injuries
By Rajiv Joseph
Directed by Aviva Neff (PhD theatre)

November 20 – 21
Written by and Directed by Michaela Burke (BA theatre and communications)

December 4 – 5
Red Room
Written and Directed by Abby Stoutenborough (BA theatre)


Spring 2017

January 30
Cold Read: Twilight Bowl
Part of the Big 10 Initiative
Written by Rebecca Gilman

February 6
YOLO Shakespeare
Directed by Constance Hester (Senior BA Theatre Student)

February 20 – 21
Quigley’s B Rolls
Short Skits by John V. Quigley (Senior BA Theatre Student)
I Choose Me
Solo Show by Natalie Davis (Senior BA Theatre Student)

March 6 – 7
Breakfast for Two
Written and Performed by Gabriel Simms (Sophomore BA Theatre Student)

March 20 – 21
Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits
Written by Eric Brinkman (2nd year PhD Theatre Student)

April 3 – 4
Offending the Audience
Written by Peter Handke
Directed by Karie Miller (3rd year PhD Theatre Student)

April 17 – 18
Hello It’s Me
Devised by Aubrey Newman (1st year PhD Theatre Student) and Julianne Nogar (1st year MFA Design Student)

May 26 – 27
The Tale of an Exorcism at Koretz: A Dybbuk Story
Co-created byMandy Mitchell (MFA acting student) and John Michael Sefel (PhD student)
Directed by Karie Miller (PhD student)


Autumn 2016

September 13
Friday Night Lights, Camera, Action
A developmental staged reading by Abigail Johnson

October 10 – 11
Love Letters, by A.R. Gurney
Directed by Constance Hester

October 24 – 25
Tales from the Rogue Asylum
New work collaboration by John V. Quigley and Eduardo Lozano

November 7 – 8
To the Moon & Back
Written and performed by Ronda Christie

November 21 – 22
Don Nigro’s Dr Faustus
Directed by Nathan Sims

December 5 – 6
Goodbye Blue Monday
New work collaboration by Tommy Clabby and Tom McKinney


Spring 2016

Jan 25-26
Full production (new): Lab Series 10 Minute Play Festival (featuring BA theatre work)

Feb 8-9
Full production (new): Here in the Corners (Danny Turek, BA

Feb 22-23
Full production (Solo, new): Volare (Tom McKinney, BA theatre) and Full production (new): Bushido (Eduardo Lozano BA theatre and John V. Quigley, BA theatre)

Mar 7-8
Full production (new): Little Wings (Cece Bellomy, BA theatre)

Apr 11-12
Full production (new): Body Topographies (Sam Tucker, MFA
creative writing)
Full production (Distinction, new): Dancing Duo (Amy Greenblott BA theatre and Felicity Carr BA theatre)

Apr 18-19:
Staged reading (new): One Last Round (Blake Edwards, MFA

Apr 25-26:
Cabaret (Solo): I Was Here (Danny DiMarino, BA theatre)


Fall 2015

Sept 8
Cold read: Baltimore (BIG 10 Play)

Sept 14-15
Full production (Solo,new): To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved (by Elisabeth Rogge, BA theatre)

Sept 28-29
Full production (Solo, new): Hold Please! (Corey Lipkins Jr., BA theatre)

Oct 12-13
Full production (new): 30 Plays in 60 Minutes (Tom Murdock BA theatre, Alexandra Davis BA theatre, Tommy Clabby BA theatre, Erin Mellon, BA theatre)

Oct 26-27
Full production (new): The Phantom of the Radio (Eduardo Lozano BA theatre and John V. Quigley, BA theatre)

Nov 9-10
Full production (Solo, new): Methods & Procedures of Womanhood: An evening of poetry and storytelling (distinction, Brandi Lyons, BA theatre) and Full production (new): The Detox Game (Roxy Knepp, BA theatre)

Dec 7-8
Staged reading (new): Little Wings (by: Cece Bellomy, BA theatre; dir. Karie Miller, PhD theatre)


Spring 2015

Jan 20
Full production (new): One Night Only (Trent Rowland BA theatre)

Jan 26
Staged reading (new): T Town (Josh Truett, PhD theatre)
Jan 27
Staged reading (new): Howl of Madness (Michael Carozza, BA

Feb 23-24
Full production (Devised, new): There’s No Such Thing as a Slow News Day (Emily Kacsandi, BA theatre)

March 2-3
Full production: After Birthday (dir Esmaeil Najar, PhD theatre)
Full production: Individuality of Streetlamps (dir Constance
Hester, BA theatre )

March 9:
Full production (solo, new): Masculinity for the Blind… (Mike
Writtenberry, BA theatre)

March 10:
Staged reading (new): Flight (Myia Eren BA theatre and
Hannah Halischak, BA theatre)

March 30-31:
Full production (Devised, new): Will’S Burroughs (Geoff
Wilson, PhD theatre)

April 13-14:
Full production (new): Dancing to Mama’s Song (dir Noelle Bohaty, MFA Dance, by Melonie Mazibuko, MFA Theatre)

April 20-21:
Full production: The Aliens (dir Karie Miller, PhD theatre)

May 20-21:
Full production: pool(no water) (dir. Joe Kopyt, MFA theatre)


Fall 2014

Sept 9
Staged reading (new): The Swing Set (by Cece Bellomy, BA

Sept 29
Staged reading (new): Streaming (by Amanda Loch, BA

Oct 6-7
Full production (Solo, new): Pretty Girls Don’t Eat (Kelly Hogan, BA theatre)

Oct 26
Staged reading (new): Some Nights (Elisabeth Rogge BA
theatre and Alexis Nelson, BA theatre)
Staged reading (new): Bushido (Eduardo Lozano BA theatre and John Quigley, BA theatre)

Oct 27
Cold read: Good Kids (Big 10 Play)

Nov 3-4
Full production: Overtones (dir. Shelby Brewster, MA theatre)
Full production: This Property is Condemned (dir. Jennifer
Collins, PhD theatre)

Nov 17-18
Full production: Speech and Debate (dir Rachel Moore, BA

Nov 24
Cold read: Awake and Sing (classic play)

Dec 1-2
Full production (new): Lab Series 10 Minute Play Festival (cur. Josh Patterson, PhD theatre featuring BA, MA, and MFA work)


Spring 2014

Jan 27
Staged reading (new): Midnight Magic (by Josh Cordle, BA theatre)

Jan 28
Staged reading (new): Pendulum of Our Memories (translated
and directed by Esmaeil Najar, PhD theatre)

Feb 3-4
Full production (solo, new): Paint Me (Liz Light, BA theatre)
Full production (solo, new): Qualifications (distinction, Andrew Trimmer, BA theatre)

Feb 24-25
Full production (new): One Step Closer (by Meg Chamberlain, MFA theatre)

Mar 3-4
Full production (solo, new): Solo (distinction, by Natalie Woods, BA theatre, in Mount Hall)

Mar 24-25
Full production (solo, new): Science of a Story (Julia Langholt,
BA theatre)
Full production (solo, new): Feeling Galaxies (Rachel Seiger, BA theatre)

Mar 31-Apr 1
Full production: My Name is Rachel Corrie (with Gen Simon, BA
theatre and dir Robin Post (faculty)

Apr 7-8
Full production (devised, new): Broken Eggs (Geoff Wilson,
PhD theatre)

Apr 21-22
Full production: Waiting for Godot (dir Matt Yde PhD theatre)

Apr 28-29
Full production (new): In Transit 3 (curated by Max Glenn, MA
theatre, and Francesca Spedalieri, PhD theatre)

May 16-17
Full production: Bent (directed by Aaron Lopez, MFA theatre)


Fall 2013

Aug 26-27
Full production (solo, new): Teachable Moments (written and performed by David Thill, BA dance)

Sept 9
Staged reading (new): Pulling a Tom Sawyer (written by Elizabeth Rogge, BA theatre)

Sept 10
Staged reading (new): Emma Dante (translated by Francesca
Spedalieri, PhD theatre)

Sept 16-7
Full production (new): In Transit 2 (curated by Max Glenn, MA

Oct 7-8
Full production (new): Playing with your Food (written and
performed by Nick Dekker, lecturer)

Oct 21-22
Full production: Mary’s Wedding (directed by Elizabeth
Wellman, PhD theatre)

Nov 4-5
Full production (new): Revolver (Max Glenn, MA theatre)
Full production (new): Revolver (Josh Patterson, PhD theatre)

Nov 18-19
Full production (devised, new): A New African Folk Tale (performed by Melonie and Sifiso Mazibuko, MFA theatre)

Dec 2-3
Full production: Far Away (directed by Amanda Schlemmer, BA


Spring 2013

Jan 29
Full production (new): Best of 24 Hour Theatre (from APO)

Feb 11-12
Full production (new): Wave over Wave (art installation by
Leela Singh, BA theatre)

Feb 25-26
Full production (new): Flight (written and performed by Mitra
Jouhari, BA theatre)

Mar 4-5
Full production (solo, new): MAPS (distinction, written and
performed by Genevieve Simon BA theatre)

Mar 25-26
Staged reading (new): Behind the Arras (written by Lori Martin,
lecturer; directed by Andrew Blasenak, PhD theatre)

Apr 8-9
Full production (new): In Transit (curated by Max Glenn, MA theatre)

May 28, 30, Jun 1
Full production (new): Gender Project (written and directed by Jane Elliott, MFA theatre)

May 29, 31, Jun 1
Full production: Normal Heart (directed by Jimmy Bohr)


Fall 2012

Sept 10-11:
Staged reading: The Girls from the 3.5 Floppies (trans Puga,
direct Schlueter, featuring Judy Rodriguez).

Sept 24-25:
Full production: Chocolate in Heat (dir. Allison Brogan, PhD

Oct 8-9:
Full production (new): Flat 412 (written and directed by
Yelena Kondratova, BA English)

Oct 22-23:
Full production (new): Happy Panda Shoots Himself (written and directed by Preston Witt, MFA creative writing)

Nov 5-6:
Full production (devised, new): Original of Laura (from Nabokov’s unfinished novel, by Chelsea Phillips, PhD theatre)

Nov 13:
Staged reading: Designated Mourner (dir. Matt Yde PhD


Spring 2012

Apr 2-3
Full production (solo, new): When A Man Stands Alone: The Life of the Louisville Lip (disctinction, written and performed by John Houston, BA theatre)

Apr 16-17
Full production (solo, new): Owe’d to Thomas Kennedy (written and performed by Nakia Smith, BA theatre)

Apr 23
Staged reading: The Way of Water (directed by Francesca
Spedalieri PhD theatre)

Apr 30-May 1
Full production: Five Women Wearing the Same Dress
(distinction, directed by Lesley Fisher, BA theatre)

May 7-8
Staged reading: The Great Game Afghanistan (directed by Pam
Decker, PhD theatre)

May 14-15
Full production (new): Elysium Interrupted (written and performed by Jill Summerville, PhD theatre; directed by Chris Hill, PhD theatre)

May 21
Full production (new): Lab Series Sampler

May 25
Full production: Sakina’s Kitchen (directed by Joe Burger,
starring Kapil Melkote, BA theatre)

June 1-2
Full production: Equus (directed by Sarah Gehring, BA theatre)


Winter 2012

Feb 20-21:
Full production (devised, new): Toasters Roses (devised by Geoff Wilson, PhD theatre)

Feb 28-29
Staged reading: ROAR (by Betty Shamieh, directed
by Allison Brogan, MA theatre)

Mar 5-6
Staged reading: Wilhelm Reich in Hell (by Robert Anton Wilson,
directed by Matt Yde, PhD theatre)

Mar 12-13
Full production (new): final performances from Joy Reilly’s
New Works class


Fall 2011

Oct 31-Nov 1
Staged reading (new): We Are Burning (written and directed by Aaron Zook, MFA theatre)

Nov 14-15
Full production (new): Fishbowl Improv (Sage Boggs, BA English)

Nov 21-22
Full production: By the Gasworks Wall (directed by Ibsen
Santos, MFA theatre)

Nov 28-29
Full production: Twelve Angry Men (distinction, directed by
Zachary Owens, BA theatre)