INSPIRE@OhioState is a research group that consists of Prof. Yener and her research students.

The mission of INSPIRE is to conduct research in foundations of Networked Systems. Networked systems is a broad term that refers to connected entities that communicate, compute, interact and learn.  Our vision calls for a connected world where information flow is secure, reliable and sustainable.

Core research disciplines and tools that we engage include information theory, optimization, machine learning, communication theory and signal processing.

Our focus is on system level design insights drawn from characterization of fundamental performance limits of such systems. We are also interested in developing algorithms approaching or achieving optimal design criteria.

There are diverse applications of our research in next generation AI, multi-genre networks, content delivery networks, as well as wired and wireless communication networks, Internet of Things (IoT) and energy-sustainable networking. Current more specifics topic areas are:

  • 6G wireless communications
  • Semantic communications
  • Information theoretic security and privacy
  • Foundations of machine learning
  • Distributed and federated learning
  • Privacy and security of machine learning
  • Fairness in AI
  • AI for wireless and wireless for AI
  • Distributed and edge computing, content delivery
  • Age of Information, task oriented communication
  • Energy-sustainable machine learning/AI, computation and communications

Check out our endeavour in next generation connectivity: 6gandbeyond.osu.edu


Members (September 2022) (left to right): Emrecan Kutay, Caroline Shin, Truman Welling, Prof. Aylin Yener, Ece Bingol, Daniel Szoke, Xue Zheng, Kevin Chen and Jiayu Mao.

Autumn 2024: We have openings for PhD students! We have openings for PhD students in the following areas: Federated and decentralized machine learning, semantic and task oriented communications, 6G wireless physical layer and networking fundamentals, AI in and for wireless, fair machine learning, sustainable machine learning, security and privacy. Please ensure to apply to the PhD program in ECE, CSE or ISE in accordance with your background and follow the instructions in the Information for Applicants to INSPIRE tab.

INSPIRE members’ designations range from undergraduate honor’s students to postdoctoral research associates and visiting scholars. Our members are from Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering and Integrated Systems Engineering.

In its previous incarnation, INSPIRE@OhioState was called WCAN@PSU and resided at Penn State (2002-2019).

Please refer to tabs on this page or our google sites page for more information.