Welcome to the Dental Effects of Hypophosphatasia Registry Website. This website is here to provide you with more information about the study and give you the opportunity to contact us if you are interested in joining the study. Thank you for visiting our site!


Where and What: This study is being conducted at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in Columbus, Ohio. The study is focusing on how hypophosphatasia (HPP) affect’s people’s baby and permanent teeth. We are also interested in how HPP affects teeth in those that have and have not had treatment for their HPP.

Who: We are looking for individuals with suspected or diagnosed HPP. All family members with known or suspected HPP are invited to participate as well!

What it involves: You will be given a questionnaire to complete about your or your child’s symptoms. We will also ask you to give your dentist permission to fill out a form about your dental history and share your dental records with us. Family members with HPP will also be able to participate in the study! In addition, if you are willing to donate teeth that you have lost we would love to take them! This information will go into a database so that in the future the data can be analyzed together. The findings will be presented and/or published to help dental and medical professionals better understand how HPP affects dental health.

By participating you will help us expand the knowledge on how HPP affects teeth! If you are interested in becoming a participant for this study please contact us at:

Dr. Ann Griffen
The Ohio State University
College of Dentistry
Department of Pediatric Dentistry
4126 Postle Hall
305 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 292-3525

Please see the “Study Documents” tab in the upper left corner for forms that are being used in the study.

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