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This is our robot. He/she is still nameless at this point so if anyone has any suggestions please email me. This video is still the earliest stage of the robot. Hopefully a much better video will be uploaded in the near future.

Kevin came to me early in the autumn semester of 2017 with an idea or at least a shell of an idea. We decided we wanted to make something “cool”. With our limited knowledge of hobby electronics, we landed on a robot. A robot seemed basic, but it still had the ability to be expanded upon. We didn’t know how we would expand, but we would figure it out when we got there.

Quickly into our journey we realized we were already in over our heads. Motor drivers were complicated and Bluetooth was impossible to deal with. I went to Dr. Bibyk (my electronics) professor for some help. He is the one who pushed us to turn this side project into a learning opportunity for ourselves. With a greater sense of purpose, we retackled the project with the intentions of publishing what we did and how we did it.

Through this site you can see videos, notes, and pictures of how to build and program the robot. I hope you find everything on this website helpful. The blog is inactive at this time, so the best way to contact me would be through my email whitaker.211@osu.edu. The page is still very much in the processes of being built so I apologize for any missing information