Year in Review

Two events that took place over my freshman year here at The Ohio State University was the completion of my Advanced Energy Vehicle in my Engineering class and the changing of my major with an addition of a minor. The AEV project was a semester long task in which I was assigned to a group of 4. The 4 of us worked for countless hours together in order to program the vehicle and to write all of our plentiful reports. This was the biggest task that I have ever taken on and I have never dedicated myself to something as much as I did to this vehicle. With the completion of the vehicle, it had me thinking about the choices I was making here at Ohio State, if my major was what I really wanted to do. After much thought, I decided that I did not like the science aspect as much as I would thought so I have instead moved my Engineering major to a minor and are now majoring in Mathematics. I love the problem-solving aspect of Engineering and I think having a degree in Mathematics will lead me in the right direction. I can do a lot with that degree, such as analyzing data or getting my masters and becoming a Calculus Teacher, which I would love to do as I am a huge people person. Overall, I think I really found myself during my freshman year here and I wouldn’t change anything about my experience.


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Green Engineering Powerpoint – Nanoparticles

While working as a team of myself and 3 other people, this presentation was made. This wasn’t necessarily about solving a problem as it was to inform those about a way to clean our earth in a more effective way. Our group came together to research about Nanoparticles and the benefits of them and the condition that they are in now.  My dad has actually working with these such things being a Chemical Engineer for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which prompted me with the idea. This project was extremely important to me becuase my interests are reflected and it shows what I want to do in the future and where I am headed. Nanoparticles are in the beginning stages so there is a lot of work and research needed to be put into them. It is so fascinating that something we can hardly see can clean more harmful chemicals out of soil in such a manner that it won’t take much time or money and the soil will look un-touched.

About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Madison Holdsworth (holdsworth.21) and I am from Cincinnati, Ohio! I have two younger sisters and we are all back to back to back. Between me and my youngest sister there is only 3 years. I grew up in Anderson Township but graduated from New Richmond High School, with a class of only 151. I love getting involved as I was Vice President of the National Honors Society, speaking at the ceremony, and Treasurer of our schools choir containing 127 people. Our choir went to Nationals in Orlando where we won gold with the song “I dreamed a dream”. I also took on the role of being the President of Chemistry Club which was a blast! Staying active also plays a big role in my daily routine. I was a three sport athlete in high school playing soccer, basketball and tennis, hoping to be apart of the club basketball team here at Ohio State, but due to tearing both of my ACL’s and having 3 knee surgies before I turned 18, I have to put that goal off. My goal here at The Ohio State University is to graduate with an ISE degree. Saying that I complete that, my dream job is to move to Oregon and work with Nike.