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Some key resources with links:
2016 SCF (released Sept. 27, 2017)
main page 2016 SCF
Changes in U.S. Family Finances from 2013-2016: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances
Recent Trends in Wealth-Holding by Race and Ethnicity: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances
2016 codebook as Word file
Word file with variable changes between 2013 and 2016
Shin, S. H. & Hanna, S.D. (2017). Accounting for complex sample designs in analyses of the Survey of Consumer Finances. Journal of Consumer Affairs, 51 (2), 255-283.
A note about weighted descriptive analyses of SCF datasets by Kyoung Tae Kim and Sherman D. Hanna

Montalto, Catherine P. and Jaimie Sung. 1996. Multiple Imputation in the 1992 Survey of Consumer Finances. Financial Counseling and Planning, 7: 133-146.


SAS codes for multiple imputation:

Sung, J. & Montalto, C. P.  (1996, November).  SAS code for RII scalar estimation [WWW document].  URL

Lee, S. & Montalto, C.P.  (1996, November).  SAS code for RII regression estimation [WWW document].  URL

Notes on shadow variables

There seems to have been a big increase in the number of imputed cases for racial/ethnic status since 2010 — this might be due to a combination of refusals to answer and SCF staff obscuring identifies to protect privacy

Cheng-Chung (Samuel) Chen’s 2007 dissertation, CHANGES IN RETIREMENT ADEQUACY, 1995-2004: ACCOUNTING FOR RETIREMENT STAGES

has an appendixes with SAS code for RII means tests for  the SCF.

The following are Word files with SAS code for comparing 2 to 7 groups, e.g., for 4 groups, if you wanted to compare rates of stock ownership by 4 racial/ethnic groups.

2 groups   3 groups  4 groups   5 groups  6 groups 7 groups 


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