Scott’s Presentation on Cybersecurity

I found his presentation quite enlightening. Like, you would think that things endorsed by the university (i.e. the duo security thing asking you to press one to confirm) would be safe… but no! There could be hackers and other predatory things like that just waiting to pounce. lol what am I even saying, but you get the point, it was an eye-opening presentation and I’ll start using the duo app from now on!

“Expert” interview questions

1. What are the triggers for SAD (seasonal affective disorder)?

2. How does light therapy, one of the treatments for SAD, help with the disorder? Is it mere placebo effect or something bigger than that?

3. Research says that snow has particles that brightens the sky, is it enough to consider it as ‘light therapy’?

4. Snow (or the cold) stimulates the release of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin; how do you think those chemicals work together to make people feel happier, hence reducing the effects of SAD?

5. Will snowing trigger memories from childhood?

6. I have had a myriad of great things that happened to me when it snowed, so I was just wondering if snow is truly magical or am I a victim of ‘confirmation bias’?

7. The ‘dystopian’ world of winter (i.e. barren trees, sky turning dark earlier, the unbearable cold, low foot traffic, etc.) turns into a ‘utopia’ once snow falls. Everything becomes brighter and people come outside to have fun in the snow. Is there any scientific reason behind the change in mood?

8. Could SAD develop into depression if left untreated? If so, how do we prevent it from progressing?

9. Who are more prone to suffer from SAD?

10. How do different seasons affect SAD? Does the weather come into play?

11. What are the ‘stereotypes’ of people having the winter depression as opposed to the summer depression?

12. Would you say that someone has SAD during the fall/winter even if they are ecstatic about snow? Do those two correlate?

Application of the Libraries to Academics

The libraries, both physical and online forms, are crucial for school! Talking about the physical buildings first, they make a great place to study with friends or by yourself. They obviously have books for research purposes, but to be honest, I’ve never once used them, but I really wished I did. I guess it seemed too tedious for the workload, but hey! Everything’s online now, so there’s that. Speaking of things being online, the library databases are a great source of information. They give you more ‘scholarly’ answers that are more reliable (as compared to Google searches) and give you all the citations necessary for a research paper. Boom done. you’re good to go.

Application of Digital Flagship into Academics

I could use digital flagship both in my school and social life! It enables me to access websites like Carmen with more ease since I am able to simply click an app as opposed to jumping through countless hurdles (i.e. duo security or answering your phone and clicking 1). Aside from mere convenience, the iPad came with a myriad of apps exclusive to Ohio State students, ranging from apps to ease incoming freshmen to campus life all the way to paid professional apps like Adobe and Microsoft! They basically gave us the tools to enhance our learning experience!


Snow is more than mere precipitation, it is the antidote for seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Some might even say that it is magical!