2022 Highlights from The Gray Lab

With 2023 off to a great start, we wanted to look back on 2022. Here is a highlight from everyone for this past year!

Bethany: I ran my first 50k and am in the final stages of writing up my dissertation!

Jai: I passed my candidacy exams and got to start 2023 out hiking!

Noel: I completed my first field season at Stone Lab for my master’s research!

Victoria: I started my master’s this past fall, and am currently planning a project investigating how ALAN acts on the tradeoff between foraging and predator avoidance.

Amber: I had the chance to spend a lot of time outside doing field work for multiple classes!

Alex: Spending my summer at Stone Lab and getting involved with research.

Mike: I spent the summer working at Stone Lab assisting Noel in her smallmouth bass research and conducting a pilot study for my own research this upcoming summer.

Sarah Grace: Looking forward to starting Honors thesis project in 2023.

A moment captured from ENR 5350.02 Taxonomy and Behavior of Fish this past year (taught by our very own Dr. Gray)!