Positive Youth Development Lab (PYDL)

Dr. Graves serves as the director of the Positive Youth Development Lab (PYDL).

The primary goals of the PYDL are to:

  1. Document and examine the success of individuals, organizations, and communities and determine how that success can be replicated through the use of extracurricular activities (i.e., athletics, chess, church, mentoring, music, volunteering, video games, and technology).
  2. Examine trajectories of academically and behaviorally successful students using large-scale data sets.

• • • •

As part of my research lab student members are provided with assistance and guidance in the development of their own research ideas and to facilitate their entry into the field of school psychology. In this capacity students provide assistance in conducting literature reviews, article reviews, data collection, and conference poster presentations. This will eventually lead to co-authored manuscript development and conducting workshops at national conventions.

The PYDL Lab members currently consist of doctoral students in The Ohio State University’s School Psychology program. Students interested in joining the PYDL should complete the application form attached below. Completed forms should be emailed to graves.388@osu.edu. Students will be contacted via email to schedule an interview to discuss potentially joining the lab.

Download PYDL Application