Graduate Advisor Workshop 2019 – June 1-2, 2019 @ OSU

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Senior faculty participants:

Some experienced leading faculty participants include:

Benjamin Braun from University of Kentucky,
Editor of the AMS Teaching Blog and author of Advice for New Doctoral Advisors;

Angela Gibney from Rutgers University,
Associate editor in charge of the new Early Career Section of the AMS Notices;

Phil Kutzko from University of Iowa,
Director of the National Alliance for graduate studies in the Mathematical Sciences;

Fadil Santosa from University of Minnesota,
Director of the Institute for Mathematics and its Application 2008-2017.

Ohio State Organizers:

María Angélica Cueto, Dave Penneys , Krystal Taylor, and Daniel Thompson.

This workshop is the third iterate of a workshop in 2017 on graduate advising run by Moon Duchin and Sarah Koch at the University of Michigan and a workshop in 2015 on graduate advising run by Moon Duchin and Larry Guth. Thanks to them for letting us use their ideas and materials to run this one!