Past GACL Events

Autumn Semester 2018
11.08.2018 GACL Movie Night
10.22.2018 Buckeye East Asian Linguistics Forum 3
10.21.2018 GACL Luncheon Dialogue with Professor Thomas Lee

Spring Semester 2018
03.9-11.2018 NACCL-30 Conference at The Ohio State University
03.08.2018 GACL-hosted 2 pre-conference workshops:

  • Workshop 1. “Language and Aging: Methodology and Data Collection”
    – Organizer: Professor James H-Y. Tai (戴浩一), National Chung Cheng U.
  • Workshop 2. “Corpus Approaches to Chinese Linguistics Research and Teaching”
    – Organizer: Professor Hongyin Tao (陶紅印), U. of California, Los Angeles

Spring Semester 2017
03.07.2017 ICS Graduate Forum

Autumn Semester 2016
10.21.2016 Buckeye East Asian Linguistics Forum 2

Spring Semester 2016
03.23.2016 ICS Graduate Forum
03.12-13.2016 3rd Workshop on Innovations in Cantonese Linguistics

Autumn Semester 2015
09.04.2015 Perry Link Talk

Spring Semester 2015
04.19.2015 ICS Symposium: China and the Jews in the Modern Era (provided logistic and technical support)
03.10.2015 ICS Graduate Forum

Autumn Semester 2014
10.24.2014 Buckeye East Asian Linguistics Forum 1

Spring Semester 2014
06.15.2013 GACL Annual Spring Research Forum​

Autumn Semester 2013
07.11.2013 Duanmu San Talk
10.25.2013 Zhong-Lin Lu Talk
11.08.2013 Feng-hsi Liu Talk

Spring Semester 2013
06.15.2013 GACL Research Forum
03.29.2013 Chao-Yang Lee Talk

Autumn Semester 2012
11.29.2012 Hongjun Hui Talk
10.13-15.2012 East Asian Psycholinguistics Colloquium
10.04.2012 William Baxter Talk

Spring Quarter 2012
06.03.2012 GACL Research Forum

Winter Quarter 2012
03.16-17.2012 Workshop on Innovations in Cantonese Linguistics

Summer Quarter 2011
08.12.2011 He Baozhang Talk

Spring Quarter 2011
05.13.2011  ICS & GACL Graduate Forum: New Horizons in Chinese Linguistics Research  (This event formed the basis for the annual ICS Graduate Forum at the East Asian Studies Center.)
05.13.2011 Puisan Wong Talk

Autumn Quarter 2010
09.30.2010 MCAA Practice Talks
09.27.2010 James H-Y. Tai Talk

Spring Quarter 2010
03.20.2010 GACL Spring Dimsum

Autumn Quarter 2009
12.14.2009 GACL Winter Potluck

Spring Quarter 2008
04.25-27.2008 NACCL-20 Conference at The Ohio State University
NACCL Practice Talks
Hana Kang became the first GACL president.

Autumn Quarter 2007
10.16.2007 GACL processed the paperwork to register officially as a Student Organization.

Spring Quarter 2007
03.15.2007 Eunhye Son Talk
GACL was formed that spring.

Spring Quarter 2004
Graduate students interested in Chinese Linguistics formed a Study Group that met during the school year until the forming of the Graduate Association of Chinese Linguistics (GACL) in 2007.