Reflection on Summer Internship

This past summer I had the opportunity to work as a research student at the Albert’s Lab which is part of the Lerner Research Institute at the Cleveland Clinic. While at the lab I spent the majority of my time working with the

Concussion Center at the clinic. I had many new and exciting experiences there like using the state of the art CAREN system (seen in the photo), presenting my own research project, and leading a team of my piers. I consider this past summer to be one of the greatest learning experiences I have ever had. Between moving to a new city, having my first full time job and living on my own for the first time I grew as an adult. By far the most valuable experience I got out of this summer though, was the opportunity I had to lead a team of my piers. My supervisor took several weeks off in the middle of the summer, having great faith in me he simply told me that I was in charge of running the concussion evaluation events we ran almost every day. He left me a list of all our events and then left his phone and computer at home and went on vacation. I knew that the other interns who I would need to staff these events were not interested in them like I was, in fact they hated to go to them. I tried to emulate the managers I had in the past and first called a meeting of all the interns and we exchanged contact information and got down to creating a schedule for the next weeks. Through talking it over as a team we were able to get enough interns at each event and organize the equipment necessary to run them. The events all ran smoothly and without staff conflict thanks to my careful planning. If it were not for the trust and confidence that my own supervisor had in me I would never have had this opportunity to grow as a leader and I am so grateful for it.



Sophomore Year Semester 1 Artifact

My artifact for this semester is a new experience I have had here at Ohio State.

This year I decided to branch out by joining Off the Lake Productions at Ohio State. I found out about OTL through several Mounties who are current and former members of the organization. In just the first two months of being in the stage crew for our upcoming musical I have made many new friends and had the opportunity to spend time with different kinds of people than I’m used to in my engineering classes. Joining this student organization has been a really enriching experience for me as a student, giving me a new community to be a part of.

Being a part of such an active organization has forced me to learn some new lessons in balancing school work and social life. In the past I have often put my school work ahead of my social life. As a result I have gotten very good grades my first three semesters of college but not as much social interaction as is probably healthy. An example of this lesson is in the past set building dinners the crew has after each build. Our set builds get done at 10 pm and often a big group goes to Sloopy’s afterwards. At first I never went to these dinners and instead returned to my dorm to do school work or go to bed. Eventually I found that the fun I had getting to spend time with my friends for an hour or two each week at Sloopy’s out weighed the consequences of starting my homework or getting to bed a bit later.  In fact just two weeks ago I went out with the crew instead of reviewing for a midterm I had the next morning and I ended up getting a 99  on the midterm and I bet I wouldn’t have done as well if I hadn’t gotten to relax and spend time with friends that night.

Artifact 2

This is a picture of me from when I got to spend some time going door to door to get out the vote. Citizenship is very important to me and it felt good to do something that I felt was worthwhile. The best part of the experience was going to south columbus and seeing that part of the city, I am not from Ohio so it was a good experience to get to know the area. I also got to meet people from all over the country who had come to volunteer in Ohio, including a retired couple from southern california who I drove me back to campus one day.

Artifact 1

This is a can of Monster. I use this image to describe a recent experience in which I learned about the importance of time management. It’s a long story but the moral is simple and should be easy to follow: Monster should be consumed for fun, not function. It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror at 3 am in the bathroom at Hitchcock hall and noticed how my face had changed shapeimg_0779 that I realized I was losing weight at college not from a workout routine ( I go to the gym once every never) but from not taking care of myself, staying up to late and sleeping to little. Thankfully I have recognized this pattern in only the second month of my college education and hopefully the lessons I have learned in time management will not leave me before I get my degree.

About Annie

I am a freshman at The Ohio State University and hope to major in biomedical engineering. I have two brothers, One of whom is an electrical engineer at Penn State, the other is a sophmore in highschool. I am from new jersey. I grew up in the same town my dad grew up in and went to the same high school where my parents met. I am very close to my family. I consider my two brothers to be my best friends and I miss them a lot here at OSU. I am a creative person and I enjoy drawing and painting in my freetime. I also like playing with legos, which I collect with my little brother. I am a member of the Lego club here at OSU and I am also a member of Buckeye Broomball. As a member of the Mount Leadership Society Scholars program and a first year engineering student I have a lot going on but I am loving it all.

Year in Review

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