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Group K

Creators: Steve Mulackal, Srujan Tripathi, Kevin Cummins

Executive Summary

We were challenged as a group to create a program that would allow users to play a game through MATLAB. This was a challenge since MATLAB is a computing-based language and isn’t mainly used for creating games. However, we were able to create hangman as well as Guess. These were both games that would be very beneficial once they are digital games. Hangman now has the ability to be played anywhere, and at any time which will also save paper. Similarly, the game Guess a number guessing game being digitized allows the game to become fairer since there is no human input that can sway the game with bias.

Throughout the design process of the games, we learned a few things. One was the importance of the testing phase. As we tested the games, we learned how the games had different flaws as well as testing with different users to see user feedback. For instance, when testing hangman, we found a fault in the game of inputting a number or special character which we were able to fix. Similarly, when testing Guess we found flaws that we were able to produce a high-quality game. So, by the end of our game creation process, we were able to create great quality games based on our own testing and our user testing.

Over time many more improvements can be made to the game since we have the ability to improve the game as more and more people play it and give their feedback. Also, as people play the game, we can see what they like and what they don’t change the game accordingly. Similarly, the games are great for people to invest in since they allow users to play at any time as well as play from any location. It is also really good for children since the games are quick, and children have low attention spans. There is also the added benefit of the games being very simple to use. One of the reasons for Apple’s operating system’s success is its ease of use, which is similar to what we have replicated in these games. We have created two great games to solve the problem presented to us by the instructors.