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Table of Contents

Project Management contains the team working agreement, individual responsibility agreement, project schedule, and meeting notes. Business Plan contains the user identification and interviews, electronic/print advertisement, and pitch video with demonstration. Software Documentation contains the introduction, user manual, program description for development, final algorithm, flowchart, or Pseudocode, final program with comments, discussion, conclusion and recommendations, and references.


Executive Summary

A group of engineering students were tasked to use their ability to use problem solving strategies, design process, and coding skills to create a video game through MATLAB. The group decided to choose the two games Battleship and Blackjack to be the ones that they would code. Along the way to create these games the team members received, collected, and documented the feedback they received about the games that they created and the process it took for them to produce the games. 

The group of engineering students were able to create the two games with little to none bugs. The game where both tested by the teacher assistants of the class and an interviewee who both thought that the games were fun. However, there where some drawbacks as to the limitations of the games due to MATLAB (such as, better graphics), limited gameplay mechanics due to the limited time, and the need for better instructions. On the other hand, the games were still a success, and did challenge each of the group members.

In conclusion, creating games is a lot harder than writing a few lines of code and each group member believes that they take for granted the software systems that are implemented through the world today. The group also learned a lesson or two on how to implement better coding techniques and the importance of commenting. The group also would have made many changes to the code if they had more time, such as allowing users to see the ships, in Battleship, they placed right away once they selected an area instead of waiting till they placed all the ships first. Or, for Blackjack, allowing for multiple people to play the game rather than it just being one user verse the computer.