Session 2

Session Two of the 2017 Symposium took place from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm and exhibited 131 student presenters.


Poster Number Name Title
201 Aaron Thomas An Increase in Trosphosperic Temperature in the Himalayan Mountain Region is Affecting the Structure of Mt. Everest and Increasing the Threat of Lake Outburst Floods
202 Adam Anders Will Scuba Diving Be a Thing of the Past?
203 Adriana McMillian Exposure to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon in Fresno, California linked to childhood respiratory problems
204 Alec Fidler The invasion of Burmese pythons in Florida
205 Alex Birchfield Declining lengths in Sea Ice in the Arctic links to Polar Bears becoming an Endangered Species
206 Alex Paulsen Rapid Propulsion of Chytridiomycosis and its Contribution to Amphibian Extinction in the Panama Forest
207 Alex Rosky Without the Know How, The Stink Bug Epidemic in Southwestern Pennsylvania Won’t Be Stopped
208 Alexandria Branco High Levels of Shark Finning Creates Chaos, Causing Overpopulation of Cownose Stingrays, Leading to an Extreme Decreased Population of Shellfish
209 Alexandria Walker The 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake aftermath causing decreases in Giant Panda Populations in Wolong National Nature Reserve
210 Allison Portnoy Impacts of Nitrogen in Animal Waste and Fertilizer on the Gulf of Mexico.
211 Ameera Hamed Increased Cyanobacteria Causing Health Risks to Humans Living Along the Ohio River in Wheeling, West Virginia
212 Angela Williams The Great Meltdown: How climate change in Pakistan and surrounding regions is the cause for rising numbers of the Dengue Virus
213 Anna Rowe Threats to the viability of the African cheetah
214 Aron Abrham Growing Gobi and Taklamakan Deserts affecting Rural Families in Western and Central Lowlands of Northern China
215 Austin Grimm Palm Oil Production and Deforestation of Borneo Island Threatens Native Wildlife.
216 Austin Maresco Rise of Pollutants in Chesapeake Bay Calls for Government Clean Up
217 Becca Swift Indonesian Deforestation and Its Impact on the Bornean Orangutan
218 Beibei Chen One of the air pollution named particular matter (pm 2.5) will cause cardiovascular disease.
219 Ben Haupt Depleting Fresh Water Resources in California Affects Millions
220 Ben Sommers Groundwater Depletion in the High Plains and California Poses Threat to Humans
221 Benjamin Keip How Areas With High Metal Oxide Content In The Atmosphere Affects The Health of Birds
222 Bingxuan Gao Snowshoe hares no longer keep their color same with the environment
223 Brandon Nichols Increasing use of Glyphosates in Northwestern Iowa linked to Development of Superweeds
224 Brennan Woodall Effects of the Non-Indigenous Dreissena Polymorpha on the Ecosystem of the Great Lakes
225 Brian Cho The effects caused by sandstorms in Beijing.
226 Carolyn Dailey Impact of rising ocean temperatures and black sea urchins (Centrostephanus rodgersii) on Tasmania’s kelp forests
227 Cathryn Schoeppner The Role of Nitrogen in Agriculture
228 Chendong Shao The global warming threaten the exsistence of Polar Bears
229 Chenyang Zhao The greenhouse effect lead to the melting of glaciers, resulting in the reduction of the west Antarctic penguins
230 Chuchu Zhu The Sea Turtles in Pacific Garbage Patch are threatened by Plastic
231 Chunyi Shao PM 2.5 pollution caused by automobiles’ tail gas increased the prevalence of respiratory disease in Beijing.
232 Cici Feng Haze including PM2.5 and aerosols causes lung cancer among citizens in Beijing China.
233 Claire Juracka The Scares of Selenium €“ How Pollution from Coal Mining Affects Aquatic Organisms
234 Clare Griffith Fracking in Oklahoma as a Cause of Earthquakes
235 Claudia Biesenbender The destruction of old growth forests and the arrival of Barred Owls threatening the existence of the Northern Spotted Owl for nearly two decades
236 Courtney Yeremian Coral Bleaching and Ocean Acidification are Causing Detrimental Changes to Brain Coral in the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia
237 Daisy Xu Harms caused by acid rain in Southern China
238 Danh Nguyen Pathogens and Pesticides Linked to Declining Bee Population and Colony Collapse Disorder
239 Daniel Saul Invasion and Destruction by the Asian Carp in the Mississippi and Surrounding Rivers.
240 Derek Whipkey Social Identity of African Elephants Related to Personal Low-Frequency Vocal Resonance
241 Emily Gilbert Change in Diet Battles Methane Emissions Released From Cows (Bos Taurus) in Ginninderra, Australia
242 Enhong Liu The “haze” threatens the health of millions people in northern China plain and response of government.
243 Faith McGrady How does environmental racism/justice negatively impact the living conditions of minority or low income group in flint, Michigan.
244 Feiran Jiang Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and oxynitride increase value of pm 2.5  cause healthy issue of people in Beijing in winter
245 Franca Fosnight Climate Change and Agriculture in Western Cape, South Africa
246 Gretchen Erickson Global Climate Change Leads to Declining Fish Populations in Lake Tanganyika
247 Hanliu Wu Natural and Anthropogenic causes for Aeolian Desertification in Mongolia
248 Haomin Gui Activities cause the extinction of lipotes vexillifer in Yang zi River
249 Isabelle Rea Loggerhead Sea Turtles in the Mediterranean Sea are Coming Close to Extinction as a Result of Injuries and Deaths Caused by Fisheries
250 Isaiah Hopkins Effects of Particulate Pollution on London Environment
251 Itzel Alvarez-Garcia How Environmental Toxins Lead to Asthma in Minority and Low Income Communities in Waukegan, Illinois
252 Jacob Bupp Phosphorous Runoff from Agricultural Lands Linked to Record Setting Algal Blooms in Lake Erie
253 Jake Hayes The Flint, Michigan Water Crisis
254 Jake Pestino Brazil Pushing for Decreased Cattle Ranching which is the Cause of Immense Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest
255 Jake Steed Nuclear radiation from Chernobyl reactor causing genetic defections and lower survival rate in barn swallows.
256 James Schiano Chytrid Fungus and its effect on Atelopus Ignescens in the Andes of Ecuador
257 Jamie Screen Can Expanding Prawn Farming be an Adaptation to Climate Change in Bangladesh?
258 Jane Peuser Orangutan Population Critically Endangered Due to Deforestation of Their Habitat by the Palm Oil Industry in Indonesia
259 Jeff Graf Invasive Asian Carp and Their Effects on Zooplankton Communities and Native Species in The Illinois River
260 Jeffrey Horowitz Hydrogen fuel cell cars in California: Driving for a future of cleaner emissions
261 Jenna Garrett Rising Sea Surface Temperature and Its Impact on Coral Bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef
262 Jenny Zou Chemical pollutant particle PM2.5 linked to haze in Beijing
263 Jialu Chen The three reason of the reduction in the number of honeybees are parasites, pesticides, and socio-economic factors on Switzerland
264 Jiaqi Ma Arctic fox in northern Alaska and its flexibility in adaption
265 Jim Anderson Cyanobacteria in Lake Erie Threaten Fresh Water Supply
266 Jingjing Wang The Influence of Ocean Acidification on Clownfish
267 Joe Grega Acid runoff from mines poisons water in Carolina, Mpumalanga.
268 Joe Scott Ocean Acidification and its Ramifications for the Alaskan Fishing Industry
269 Joey Murad The Decline of the Arctic Polar Bear Population as a Result of Melting Sea Ice
270 Jordan Belec Overfishing of Bluefin Tuna
271 Jordan Sibley Was it the Water? Lead Poisoning in the Adults and Children of the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis
272 Joseph Coffey More Pollution Leads to Increase in Mass of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
273 Josh Kuhlman Plastics: The environmental impact on the Great Lakes, and how companies & consumers can help.
275 Hanan Omar Fireworks used for traditional celebration becoming the leading cause of air pollution and health problems in New Delhi.
275 Julia Tobia Sediment from Dredging linked to the Decline of Coral in the Great Barrier Reef
276 Justin Carter Sin City Goes Green: the Technology and Economics of Change
277 Karli Gibson Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipelines Could Potentially Impact Indigenous Water Supply Through Hydraulic Fracturing
278 Kate Friend South Chinese ivory trade dramatically decreasing elephant population in central Africa.
279 Katie Quinlin Plastic consumption linked to higher mortality and toxic trace element levels in Albatrosses
280 Kenny So Climate Change and Agriculture Causes Large Algal Blooms in Lake Erie
281 Kyle Keifer Bioinvasion is causing irreversible damage to organisms living in Mediterranean marine communities.
282 Kyle Shindeldecker Impacts of Changing and Decreasing Ice Formation in Baffin Bay on Narwhals
283 Lauren Trapani Overfishing leads to decline in Atlantic Cod population in the Gulf of Maine
284 Liz Monnin Over fishing and Increasing water temperatures damaging to the Atlantic Cod population in the North Sea.
285 Lusha Ji Industrial effluent affect people who live near the Yellow river in China
286 Mackenzie Garner Degradation of a Foundation: The Shrinkage of Phytoplankton Populations Within the Great Lakes Region due to Dreissena Polymorpha
287 Madison Harper Endangered Key Deer and their Path to Extinction due to the Rising Sea Level and Inundation in Southern Florida
289 Maisarah Binti Mohiding Threats to the declining number of orangutans, P. pygmaeus and P. abelii in Borneo ( Malaysia and Indonesia )
290 Malik Abdel Karim The decline of the Bombus Affinis in the Midwest and the Effects That Follow
291 Maryssa Herschler How to fix the Flint water crisis
292 Matthew Horton Long lasting effects of chemical warfare in Vietnam
293 Matthew Vermillion Climate Change Negatively Affecting British Isle Bird Phenology
294 Michael Dominguez CO2 Absorption depletes Great Barrier Reef in Queensland
295 Michael Pipoly Increased Global Temperature are causing the Permafrost to melt in Borrow, Alaska
296 Michael Rizzo American Chestnut trees reintroduced to former mining sites in Appalachia region to revitalize the ecosystem and restore population
297 Michelle Muskal TheUnited States: Adopting Chinese Strategies for a better Environment
299 Mitchell Bielonko Almond Farmers in California Face Bleak Future as an Increased Number of Honey Bees Become Exposed to Addictive Pesticides.
300 Natalie Flickinger Water Pollution in Saint Lawrence River causing Cancer in Beluga Whales
301 Nia Matsumoto Growth of Ceratocystis fimbriata fungus linked to rapid death of Hawaii’s native trees
302 Nicholas Vallo Mistakes by the Lake: Water pollution along the coasts of Lake Erie in Northern Ohio
303 Nick Stone The Linkage Between Rising Ocean Temperatures and the Bleaching of Coral in the Great Barrier Reef
304 Noah Morris Water Shortages in California Central Valley dry out crops; San Joaquin is sinking
305 Olivia Hare Endangered Bengal Tigers in the Sundarban area of India, previously threatened population now increasing due to decreased poaching
306 Olivia Minnie Hypoxia Areas Increasing the Mortality Rate of Bottlenose Dolphin Populations off the Louisiana Coast
307 Patrick Hardin Currently: (Monitoring Cyanobacteria in Lake Erie and the effects on the health of humans who live in Toledo, Ohio)
308 Pengyi Su The Fukushima nuclear disaster influences fish
309 Peter Thorson Changes In Bird Migration In North America Linked To Climate Change
310 Qian Ma Using tracking techniques to protect Giant Panda in China leading to the increasing of pandas’ population.
311 Quinten Michael Sustainability of Beer Production in Areas of Drought Induced by Climate Change
312 Ran An Wind-generated electricity causing changes in coal-heavy electricity system in Inner Mongolia in northern China.
313 Rebekah Naylor The impact of cattle production on methane emissions
314 Ryan Tuma Negative Effects of the Invasive Maromated Stink Bug on Apple, Peach, and Cotton Fields in South Carolina
315 Sam Si The Effect of Global Warming to Polar Bears in the Edge of Arctic’s Pack Ice.
316 Sean Burks The rise of earthquakes and hydraulic fracturing waste water in Oklahoma.
318 Shasha Evers Koalas endangered by temperatures rising in New South Wales, Australia
319 Tanaka Nhong Deforestation in Cambodia
320 Taylor Moriarty Impacts of the California Drought on Giant Sequoias in Northern California
321 Thome Reusser Lead Ammunition Linked to Lead Poisoning in Swiss Alps Golden Eagle
322 Tianyu Wei Human-made smog caused by industrial, coal and vehicular emission harms respiratory system in people in Beijing
323 Timothy Sugrue The Affect of Colony Collapse Disorder of the Pennsylvania Honeybee on Biodiversity and Food Consumption
324 Ursula Hussey Children of Flint Blood Lead Levels Increase due to Lead Contamination
325 Verdaynea Eason Generating Electricity Using Cow Manure
326 Victoria Staltare Fungal Pathogen Causing Decline in Salamander Populations in the Netherlands, also threatens U.S Salamander Populations.
327 Will Zeigler Brucellosis in Yellowstone Bison
328 Yuexin Wu Deforestation and Poaching in South Asia Causing Indochinese Leopard Range Shrink to Less Than 6%
329 Zetong Gu Effects of Mexico Gulf Oil Spill on Marine Creatures
330 Zhaoyi Fang Giant Panda protection during last fifty years in Wolong National Reserve, Si Chuan, China
331 Zichun Tian Toxic substances in smog and haze are decreasing the mortality rate in northeast china
333 Jack Stoltman Methane Contamination of Drinking Water due to Hydraulic Fracturing in Northeastern Pennsylvania
334 Matthew Gebremedhin Pittsburgh, PA has very high rate of pollution due to the burning of fossil fuels and this has been linked to various diseases.
335 Todd Tolliver The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown: The Effects Radioactive Cesium and Its Spread to The North Pacific Ocean