Session 1

Session One of the 2017 Symposium took place from 9:00 am – 11:00 am and exhibited 77 student presenters.


Poster Number Name Title
1 Alexandra Herrera The Relationship Between Polycyclic Atomic Hydrocarbons and the High Prevalence of Neural Tube Defects in Babies Born in Shanxi Province, China.
2 Allison Donnellan Burmese Pythons and their effect as an invasive species in the Florida Everglades
3 Ally Porochonski Organic diets significantly decrease concentrations of pesticide metabolites in children in central California
4 Andy Cox Increase in Temperatures of Ocean Waters Causing Significant Loss of Corals in Great Barrier Reef
5 Ava Adornetto Drilling for Oil in Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Impact on Polar Bear Denning
7 Caleb George Health Risks to Humans from Heavy Metals and Other Pollutants from Electronic Waste Recycling Centers in South China
8 Calvin Wasdyke How Corrosion created lead-infested drinking water for citizens of the Flint Area, and the long term consequences of the Flint Water Crisis
9 CC Smith high levels of poaching and deforestation causing high threat of extinction for the Sumatran tiger
10 Christopher Frometa Climate Change Is Affecting The Livelihoods of Penguins
11 Colleen Bradley Lack of Genetic Diversity, Human Activities, and Prey Depletion All Linked to Endangerment of Siberian Tiger of Northeast China
13 Connor O’Shaughnessey Elephant Trophy Hunting and The Effect on the Economy in Zimbabwe
14 Delaney Morphew Milkweed (Asclepias) Decrease due to Environmental Factors Linked to Projected Changes in Monarch (Danaus plexippus) Migration Patterns and the Declining Demographic
15 Elizabeth Liss Lead exposure from ammunition and remnants of Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane in California re-endangers the Gymnogyps californianus.
16 Emma Stoutenburg An exploration of the invasive seaweed Caulerpa taxifolia and its impact on native flora and fauna in the north-western Mediterranean sea.
17 Erin Burton The Threat of Algal Blooms in Lake Erie
18 Garrick Bryan Agricultural Runoff in Lake Erie and its Effects on Algae
19 Abby Pitts Galapagos Islands Tourism Led to the Extinction of Lonesome George
20 Hannah Walsh The endangerment of bats in the United States: Is there any way to save them?
21 Harsh Patel USA exports E-waste to Delhi, India is linked to human lungs cancer.
22 Hayleigh Coppenger The effects of climate change in the Antarctic Peninsula on penguins and their food sources
23 Ian Hamlin Offshore Wind Turbines Soar in Efficiency Compared to their Onshore Counterpart.
24 Imani Harris Baton Rouge ExxonMobil Oil Refinery Polluting the Air with Benzene Causing both Environment and Social Injustice
25 J. Ricardo Partida Ponce The effects of urbanization & the impact of air pollution on the population living in the metropolitan area of Mexico City.
26 Jackie Dembie Neonicotinoid insecticides linked to long-term health effects in England’s wild bee populations
27 Jessica Ni The Spread of the Zika Virus in Texas and in Pregnant Women
28 Jillian Donnellan Climate Change in Mountainous Asian Regions Leads to New Research and Conservation Efforts for the Declining Snow Leopard Population.
29 Jinming Hu The Hunting and Wholesale Destruction of The Forest by Human Will Let Our Fellow Primates Be In Trouble!
30 Joel Ferrall Increase in global water temperature has increased in the stress and death of the coral in The Great Barrier Reef.
31 John Solt Bleaching of Coral Reefs in Australian Coastal Waters are Linked to Rising Sea Temperatures
32 Laura Sibbring Phosphorus Runoff Leads to Toxic Algae Blooms in Lake Erie
33 Leah Sinn Oil Drilling Explosion Lead to Many Negative Affects in Animals
34 Leira Gleave Air Pollution In Guangzhou, China
35 Lucy Hennon The Impact of Rising Temperatures on the Reproductive Capabilities of Green Sea Turtles in the Great Barrier Reef
36 Maddy Coddington Climate Change and Nesting Degradation linked to Loggerhead Sea Turtle’s Decline
37 Marcos Santiago Assessing Contamination of Vieques from U.S. Navy munitions.
39 Mary MacLeod The Benefits of Alternative Urban Agriculture Methods in New York City
40 Matt Plank London’s pollution is leading to poor health conditions amongst citizens
41 Michael Huschart Warming Temperatures Lead to Changes in Sex-Ratio of Sea Turtles in Bald Head Island, North Carolina
42 Michael Izzo How Cattle Ranching is the Leading Cause of Deforestation in the Amazon
43 Mike Sidrys Cobalt mining in the Congo exposes residents to concentrated levels of toxic material
44 Morgan Holtzman The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Leaving our Litter Legacy for the Oceans’ Wildlife
45 Nathan Crummel Due to Polands Coal and Lignite Dependency, Rising PM2.5  Levels have been Directly Linked to Increased Respiratory Illness and other Serious Health Defects in Poland
46 Nicholas Terry Global Warming Intensifies the Parasitic Relationship Between New Hampshire and Maine Moose and the Winter Tick
47 Nick Rossi Decline in Whale population in the Southern Ocean due to Whaling leads to an Increase in Climate Change
48 Nick Seelbach The Rise and Long Term Effects of Harmful Algae Blooms in Lake Erie
50 Parth Banugariya Degradation of corals in the Gulf of Mexico due to DeepWater Horizon Oil Spill.
51 Patrick Heinen Radioactive Material from the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Found to be Transported Across the Pacific Ocean in Bluefin Tuna
52 Quincey Patterson The Impact of Dams of the Yangtze River Delta
53 Rebekah Engler High levels of acid rain impact human health in China
54 Robert Palkovitz The Rapid Declination of the Florida Manatee
55 Sagar Patel Air Pollution in Delhi, India Hits an All-Time High
56 Sam DeGroft Health Issues Related to Contaminated Lead Pipes in Flint, Michigan
57 Sarah Drobny How California’s Food Has Impacted Its Drought
58 Skylar Armentrout Invasive Asian Carp Pose Threat to Existing Ecosystem in Illinois River
59 Thomas Kemmet The rising water temperatures caused by global warming is causing the bleaching of Coral Reefs in the Great Barrier Reef and destroying its biodiversity off the coast of Queensland Australia.
60 Thomas Meade Impacts of The Chernobyl Nuclear Accident On The Surrounding Enviroment
61 Thomas Nardone CO2 Emissions diminishing the Northern Great Barrier Reef Australia
62 Timothy Carter The effects of climate change on Alaskan polar bears.
63 Todd Newlin Burmese Python effects on native mammal populations in the Everglades National Park
65 Tyler Gantzer New Flint water linked to high lead blood levels in children
66 Wei Jun Tan Saving Orangutan: Man of the Forest
67 Wenyi Feng ambient volatile organic compounds(VOCs) in a landfill of Panyu, Guangzhou
68 Xianwei Lei The Main Causes of Air Pollution in Chengdu, China
69 Xinyu Xu What Causes Loxodonta africana africana in Niassa National Reserve to Decline and How to Protect them
70 Yok Jye Tang Emperor Penguin Is Facing Extinction Because of Decreased Sea Ice Extent In Terre Adelie, Antarctica
71 Yuchen Han Decreased lobsters in the Long Island Sound area linked to ocean warming
72 Yueqi Qian Plastic debris causes the greatest Pacific garbage patch between the coast of California and Hawaii.
73 Yuming Lyu Radionuclide of Cesium from Fukushima Nuclear Disaster affects seafood consumers in Japan and world population
74 Zhiqian Jiang The strategies and technologies of municipal solid waste (MSW) management in Hong Kong
76 Jay Silver Excess nutrients causing Chesapeake Bay Hypoxia and Dead Zones
77 Liz Zeng Air Pollution in Beijing, China: Current Situation, Sources Possible Effect and Solutions
78 Rilee Peebles Mercury Concentration in Yellowfin Tuna Located in the Indian Ocean and its Impacts
79 Jonathon Lee The Affects of Acidification and Coral Bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef on Clownfish
80 Hunter Marston Zebra Mussels: An Invasive Species
81 Marcel Dunay Is the ban on ivory trade beneficial to elephants in Kenya?