Session 4

Session Four of the 2013 Symposium took place from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm and featured 113 student presenters.


Name Poster Title
Stew Blake An American future fueled by Hydrogen?
Kristina Bolon The Effects of Acid Rain on American Rivers and Lakes
Natalie Bowman The Lack of Safe Drinking Water and Its Effect on the Health of Individuals in Developing Countries
Yanrui Cai Side effect of Material Economy
Maygan Carroll Wolves Reshape Yellowstone National Park
Lila Cart Low Genetic Diversity in Cheetahs and How to Conserve Them
Carlo Castillo Colony Collapse Disorder
Chiu Yat Chau The impact after the accident after Chernobyl
Shuo Chen The PM2.5 index in Beijing
Joshua Cheslock E-waste and its effect on our planet
Jacob Clements Sustainable Agriculture
Emily Cocks Human Dependency on the Colorado River
Erica Copley Pesticide Exposure in Amphibians of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Sara Craft Ice Glacier Migration Patterns Effecting Penguins in Antarctica
Maria DeRoo Assortments of Wind Turbine Locations
Amanda Eisert Lead Poisoning: Another threat to the Bald Eagle population
Carrie Ewing Renewable Energy through Micro-Algae
Lauren Frericks Deforestation and Its Effects on Indigenous Cultures
Aaron Friedman Future Industry Advancements to Reduce Costs of Solar Power Technology
Anne Fruth Algae Blooms of Western Lake Erie
Megan Fuerst Using hemp fuel for cars for a less polluted environment
Megan Fulper Hurricane Sandy’s Impact on New York City
Jared Gilberg The Damaging Effects of Overfishing Marine Fish
Lindy Gill The Negative Effects of Agricultural Pesticides on Biodiversity
Harrison Haddox Coral Reefs:  A Forgotten Victim
Louis Hang Water Pollution in Ganga River, India
Mary Hannon Endangerment and Preservation of the African Painted Dog
Bradley Hart High Methane Levels and Pollutants in Water and Air near Gas Drilling Sites
Kurt Henry A Fracking Explanation: A Cursory Look at Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation
Julia Hernandez The effects of DDT on the Palos Verdes Shelf and the surrounding areas
Carly Hoffman Innovative Green Energy Sources in Sweden
Brandi Holbrook Pesticides: a honeybee’s downfall?
Brett Hopkins Methane Hydrates: Negative Global Warming Impact or Environmental Solution
Teresa Ibanez The Psychology of Environmentalism
Prateek Jain Minamata Bay: An example of water pollution
Annce Kadri Coral Reef Destruction and Plans for Restoration
Caleb Keune Solar power, is it a viable resource for Ohioans?
Derek Koenig Hemp as the environment’s cure
Bryan Kuhlman To Frack or Not to Frack?
Meghan Kusina Shark Fin Soup and its Effects on the Ecosystem
Lulu Li Optimal Harvesting Strategies of Fish Stock
Bozhong Liu Clean Energy
He Liu Dirty Electrical Pollution
Yijin Liu The Necessity of New Energy
Kevin Livingston Effects of Air Pollution in the Developing World
Keenan Long Hydraulic Fracturing: Limitless American Natural Gas or Emerging Environmental Catastrophe?
Jacob McClaskie The Re-Establishment of Habitat For Upland and Waterfowl Game Bird Species In The Midwest
Luke McCurdy Light Pollution just affects the sky…right? Wrong.
Collin McGarrett The Effect of a Corn Subsidy on Agriculture, Human Health, Food Production, and the Environment
Joshua Medley How Climate Change in Antarctica is Affecting the Penguin Population
Brian Merrill Threats to the Chinook Salmon Population
Austin Moore Colony Collapse Disorder and its Effect on America’s Food System
Robert Morock Natural Disasters in America
Blake Myers Celastrus Orbiculatus: Liana Vines Effect on the Environment
Olivia Nejedlik Tiger Population Decline and Conservation in India
Kyle Nemergut Tropical Paradise: The Declining Population of Hawaiian Monk Seals
Adam Nickels Hydrogen Powered Vehicles & Fuel Cell Technology: The Future
Jaclyn Noonan Effects of Wildfires on California’s Air Quality
Metzlal Ocbazghi Adapting to a Climate Change in the Caribbean
Brendan O’Gorman Shark Finning: A Terrible Fate
Dylan Opar The Decline of Natural Pollinators
Ji Ou Nuclear leak in Japan raises an issue: Risk of nuclear power
Russell Patterson Confronting the Future: Economics and Environmental Impact of Carbon Capture Technology in the United States
Kirstin Peterson Carbon Tax
Kim Pillari The Impact of Ocean Acidification on Marine Ecosystems
Scott Pohlman Fracking: Resources vs. Disaster
Sara Putman Impact of Climate Change & Overfishing in Antarctic Wildlife
Christopher Raybuck The Invasion of Cane Toads
Travis Riffle Physical and Environmental Effects of E-waste Throughout the World
Nathan Roberto Revival of Algae Kills Lake Erie
Hope Rodman Rising Mercury Levels in the Fish We Eat
Troy Rosko Climate Change Fueling Forest Fires
James Roubal Sea otters enhance sea grass by guarding algae-eating sea slugs near Monterey Bay
Courtney Sackett The Effects of the Invasion of Coqui Frogs in Hawaii
Daniel Satmaka E-waste: A New Enemy in the Modern Era
Matthew Schreckenberger Carbon Capture and Storage: A Practical Way to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Despite Obstacles
Derek Schroeder Mountaintop Removal
Kaitlyn Schuette The Effects Climate Change has on the Polar Bear Population
Samuel Scovell The Negative Health Effects of Fracking in Pennsylvania
Anant Shrishrimal Rajasthan Stares at Drought
Kelsey Simmons The Effects of Acid Rain in New England
Rachel Skrobot The benefits of Biofuels as a sustainable resource compared to fossil fuels
Jacob Sorger Agricultural Runoff’s Effect on Lake Erie
Rich Stahr Marine Pollution: The Pacific Trash Vortex
Krystal Swanson Textile Wastewater in China
Brittany Swartz Salmon Migration Issues in the Columbia River’s Mandatory Hydroelectric Dams
Jacob Tepper Resource Depletion: Obvious and Subtle
Connor Thomas The takeover of T. Gondii parasite in Brazil
Igor Tolkachev Effects of Nuclear Fallout
Ross Wagner The Environmental Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing in Ohio
Michael Walters Hydraulic Fracturing in the United States
Zihao Wang Say No To Deforestation
Katelyn Warne Hydraulic Fracturing and Methane Gas
Derrick Webber Methane Release From Permafrost
Andrew Weinberg PCB Pollution in the Hudson River (NY)
Benjamin Welch Arctic ice?
Quinntin White
Kaitlyn Williams Effects of Phosphors and Nitrogen Run-Off Into Bodies of Water
Linlin Xiao The Great Barrier Reef — World Heritage in Danger
Shan Yao The development of biofuel
Mohamud Yusuf Nuclear Toxic Waste in Somalia
Jared Zeller Oil Spills, and the Effects that Crude Oil  has on the Surrounding Wildlife
Karen Zhang Air Pollution in China, Who’s in charge?
Kitty Zhang Coal combustion problems and technological methods addressing them