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Welcome to Mars!

On the left side of this site is a list of various pages, each full of different content collected during the course of the AEV project. Below is a description of each page and what can be found on them. This guide will be helpful while navigating the site.

AEV: Visualizations of our two different AEV designs, along with brief descriptions of each design.

Coding: A summary of the process we used to construct a working set of code for the AEV, along with a copy of some test codes that we used in early tests, and the final code used.

Design Process: Describes the benefits of each AEV design, and why we made the decisions that we made.

Performance Analysis: Provides direct data collected from each test of the different AEV designs, as well as visualizations of different pieces of data, such as graphical analysis of the AEV test runs.