OSU Phenology: create an account with the Great Sunflower Project for pollinator data

As was shared at yesterday’s phenology update, here are details on our new pollinator data entry process:

Create an account with GSP here.

We will be collaborating with The Great Sunflower Project (GSP), a program coordinated by Dr. Gretchen LeBuhn from San Francisco State University. The Great Sunflower Project began in 2008, and now has about 100,000 citizen scientists collecting data on pollinator visitation across North America! GSP is in need of Ohio data, and Gretchen is excited about our addition of cooperators and our rich Ohio data!

The Ohio Phenology Garden Network’s data collection methods are very similar to GSP’s so hopefully the transition will be relatively painless! Many things remain the same: We will monitor pollinator visitation on each plant in our gardens for 3 minutes, once a week when in bloom. In this intro video, Gretchen describes the GSP flagship project monitoring ‘Lemon Queen’ sunflowers. This monitoring is for 15 minutes, but we’re sticking with 3 minutes.

Our plant phenology data collection site will not change for 2018.

This site describes the data collection process.

Here’s a short video that outlines the process described below:

Thanks in advance for your patience as we make this transition! Be sure to let me know what questions you have: ellsworth.2@osu.edu

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