Background and Project Responsibility
Dr. Lingying Zhao is an Associate Professor at The Ohio State University. She has been conducting research on measurement and mitigation of air emissions from animal facilities and HVAC control of animal facilities. Dr. Zhao co-taught the course “Environmental Control of Agricultural Structures”. She served as a Co-PI of a previous USDA HEC grant and developed a course “Agricultural Air Quality.” As the PI, Dr. Zhao will manage the overall project activities, progress, budget, adjustment, and evaluation of this project. Dr. Zhao will develop new teaching modules, collaborate on development of faculty professional training, co-author the digital textbook, and conduct summer workshops for OSU minority students.
Dr. Emily Buck is an Associate Professor at Ohio State. She has expertise in communication and educational technology as well as instructional design. Dr. Buck has vast experience in developing online teaching materials and their evaluation. Dr. Buck will develop an online platform for the project and provide technical support for development of online materials and e-publication along with the OSU Digital First specialists and a graduate student. She will also help to conduct technology training workshops and evaluations.
Dr. Xinlei Wang is an Associate Professor at University of Illinois. Dr. Wang’s current teaching and research interests include air quality, environmental control, renewable energy systems, and building energy efficiency. He has taught four courses in the last 10 years: AGE 287 – Environmental Control for Animals and Plants; ABE 374 – Environmental Control for Bio-Buildings; ABE 436 – Renewable Energy Systems; and TSM 438 – Renewable Energy Applications. Dr. Wang will oversee the project at the UI, develop teaching modules and evaluation, and conduct summer experiential learning workshops for minority high school students.
Dr. Lingjuan Wang Li is an Associate Professor at North Carolina State University. She specializes in air quality and animal housing engineering. Much of her research addresses various aspects of air emissions and environmental control problems of animal facilities. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in animal housing and environmental management, and air quality. Dr. Li will manage the project activities at NC State University, develop teaching models, supervise summer internship minority students, and help to conduct experiential learning workshops.
Dr. Rick Stowell is an Associate Professor and Extension Engineer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is leading a USDA AFRI Climate Change grant ($4,290,000) on National Facilitation of Extension Programming in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation for Animal Agriculture. He will lead the UNL efforts in developing teaching modules on climate change, cooling of animal buildings, dairy and beef cattle environmental control.
Dr. Ralph Noble, Associate Professor and Chair of Department of Animal Science at North Carolina A&T, is specialized in livestock management. He will help to develop eLearning module for beef production, outreach to peer faculty, organize workshops for minority students, and evaluate the project outcome at the 1890 institutions.
Dr. Ann D. Christy is an Associate Professor at Ohio State. She has taught courses in HVAC, bioenergy, and biological engineering. She has won multiple teaching awards at the departmental, college, university, and national levels. She is experienced with teaching program assessment and accreditation. Dr. Christy will work with Dr. Zhao to develop teaching modules and evaluation.
Dr. J. David Latshaw is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Animal Sciences at Ohio State. He is a poultry scientist in nutrition and poultry health. He will work with Dr. Zhao to develop the teaching modules on poultry layer facilities.
Dr. Angela R. Green is an Assistant Professor at University of Illinois. Her experience with engineering approaches to animal welfare issues positions her as an integral member of this team. She currently teaches ABE 374 Environmental Control for Buildings. Dr. Green will work with North Carolina State University to develop the module for animal welfare influences on environmental design.
Dr. Robert V. Knox, an Associate Professor at University of Illinois has extensive experience in swine reproduction and outreach. He will coordinate the development of education module of environmental control and design for swine facilities.
Dr. Edgar Oviedo is an Associate Professor in the Department of Poultry Science at North Carolina State University. He is a poultry scientist in management and nutrition. Dr. Oviedo will be a Co-PI in charge of development of a module for animal welfare.
Dr. Mulumebet Worku is a Professor of Animal Sciences at North Carolina A&T. She will work with the team to develop teaching modules on dairy production, outreach to peer faculty, and organize workshops for minority students.
Dr. Kelly Zering is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at North Carolina State University. He is an expert with 28 years of experience in the economics of livestock and poultry production systems. Dr. Zering will serve as Co-PI directing the development of a new module on economics.
Dr. Lisa Guion Jones is the Assistant Dean for Diversity, Outreach, and Engagement and a Professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Science (CALS) at North Carolina State University. She will provide leadership to recruiting the underrepresented students. Dr. Jones’ minority programs have reached nearly 130 underrepresented minority undergraduate students over the past five years.
Dr. Alan Kalish is the Director of the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching at Ohio State. He has more than 20 years experience in curriculum design, teaching evaluation, and development of workshops and seminar. He will supervise design of evaluation methods and tools and the data collection, analysis, and reporting processes for the project.
Dr. Teresa Johnson is an Instructional Consultant for teaching assessment and curriculum design for UCAT at Ohio State. She has 10 years of experience in teaching, course design, and developing assessment methods and tools. She will work with the PIs to develop embedded evaluations for the teaching modules and administer the overall project evaluations.