DELTA Kickstart Week: A Student’s Perspective

Instructional Designer assisting kickstart week participants in the Digital Union.

So, I did the math. I’ve been in school mode for the past 16 years. I certainly don’t recall using the Internet for school activities as a 2nd grader in 2002, but I know that gradually, technology did become a big aspect of my education. And now, as I prepare to graduate from OSU and embark on a fully online master’s degree program, there is absolutely no escaping eLearning. Educators across our campus are embracing the inevitability of eLearning as the norm.

Which brings us to Kickstart Week…

This is why the Distance Education Learning and Teaching Academy (DELTA) January 2016 Kickstart Week exists. As a student assistant with ODEE, I had the opportunity to help facilitate this past week of learning and collaboration with educators from a wide range of OSU departments. Kickstart Week, for me, was also an intensive training on all things Distance Education.

For the group of 10-20 educators that participated in the program, they got the chance to build a course in Carmen, play around with new software and applications, and ask questions. Most importantly, they heard so many of my fantastic coworkers speak on topics such as: accessibility, Quality Matters standards, building rubrics, academic integrity, design basics, video recording, copyright law, and mobile security.

Sitting on the sidelines all week, I saw these professors light up when talking about their areas of expertise. They found new and exciting ideas for representing course content in different ways.

We explored a wide array of free online content building websites, some of which are included in the padlet below.

A new perspective…

Having never been on the teaching side of a course, it was fascinating for me to see how much consideration these professors put into their work. I was also able to share from my experience as a student at OSU, offering them different examples of how my professors have handled the situation being discussed. Walking away from Kickstart Week, I know the participants now have the ability to develop beautiful and smart online courses.

Blog post written by Megan Fogel, ODEE Student Assistant, and submitted by Jessica Phillips.