The story behind the success

I’m in the final stretch of Ohio State’s Gateway to Management program. It’s got me thinking about workplace culture–a topic I find really interesting–even more than usual.

This year, one of the projects I’m proud to be working on is the launch of the University Communications blog. We update weekly, with a revolving group of writers showcasing “behind the scenes” stories about communications successes and sharing best practices. (Two favorites: The story of the #BuckeyeLove, a fund-raising campaign that used tools from phone to print to social media and an insider’s peek into our strategy and tactics for welcoming a new Ohio State president.)

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The UComm blog is a reminder of what I love about working at Ohio State. It’s inspired, it’s inclusive, it┬ácelebrates teamwork and it showcases innovation–to me, the best parts of the staff culture at Ohio State.

Since I started my career here in 2005, I’ve been grateful for a┬átalented, interesting, energetic group of colleagues who will help me think through ideas, trouble-shoot problems and tweak products till they really work. The upshot has been teamwork I’m proud of–from the O-H-I-O campaign to interactive features to a social media presence that’s grown into a higher ed benchmark.

Read the blog to be inspired. And let me know if you’d like to share your own communications success story.

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