Week Seven Project

My object is my Nalgene refillable water bottle (BPA free!). This bottle has gone far and wide with me! I used to use non-reusable plastic water bottles, and making the switch was a step in the right direction. I love to stay hydrated, and using this helps reduce my carbon footprint!


I think that Warhol wanted to create a statement about consumerism, while I think sometimes critical of it- it was mostly honoring it (and profiting heavily from it). He made himself a commodity, a lot of artists try not to buy into or scoff at. He played into mass consumerism and capitalism and made a name for himself.


I think nowadays, this object is more relatable. Almost every girl my age who likes to stay active or cares about the environment has one of these water bottles. I decorate mine with stickers and such to make it more personal to me. I think it relates to pop culture, I have even seen people make memes about how “basic white girls” carry Nalgene water bottles.


By using the screenshot function, I got to speed up my work just as Warhol did. It makes things quicker without risking quality or message.

Assignment Week Six

Balance & Contrast: The cookies on top balance each other out as they are the same, while the cookies on the bottom contrast each other as they are similar yet different.

Alignment and Pattern: The cookies are displayed in a repeating fashion, and aligned straight and neatly, creating a line/square.

Space, Emphasis and Proportion: The marshmallow is the sole object with a lot of space on the wall. Compared to the wall, the marshmallow is much smaller.

Texture: The marshmallow skewer and wall have visible texture to them.

Movement and Lines: The line of fruity pebbles along with the angle the shot is at, makes the trail look like it is leading somewhere. The coffee line moves your eye downward.

Color, value, and form: The colors are a red monochromatic spread, and one can see both the value and the form, especially with the orbs of BOBA and the seeds in the fruit.

Assignment Week Two


I found this pretty easy, as this kind of skills are the basic photoshop skills I have. While I am not very good as some, I did not have too much trouble. I did have some trouble with using the tools on the grass patch due to the quick selection tool not selecting the right parts. For the three extra images, I used posterize, adding extra saturation, and then black and white.


I found it very difficult to get a good start to this project. I had to start over many times because it looked so unnatural, when we were going for a natural look. I think this is a pretty good finished product because I used multiple layers for each major section of skin, then merged them. It was easier if I made a mistake. I found the magic eraser and quick selection combined was a better bet for erasing the background. The spot healing tool is still tricky for me, but I feel as though I improved with using it.