Year in Review 2

The Dunn Scholars program has opened incredible doors for me, both professionally and personally. DSWS has given me the opportunity to become involved in many activities and talk to many people that will help me in my future career. Specifically, things like our resume building workshop and our etiquette dinner help me to develop skills that will be essential for me to thrive in a business environment or where ever I may need them. We’ve been connected with not  only professionals in fields outside of Ohio State, but also older students  who are in common majors as us. This has helped us to develop a clear vision of both where we need to go and how we can get there. This program also connected me with Brendan and Dr. Don, two great mentors and advocates to have, and who are willing to help you with anything, even now as I have graduated. I know I could go to them with any situation and they would take time out of their day to help in any way they could.

DSWS has also provided me with a priceless and unmatched network of friends here at Ohio State. In such a big place, and you can afraid to find your niche. From the day I stepped on campus here, I have had a group of people to call my family and to lean on no matter what. Not only are they smart and accomplished students that have a positive effect on my own academic  career, but they are lifelong friends who are just great to be around. I cherish all the memories the Dunn Scholars group has given to me and I know there will be many more.

Year in Review

I have loved every minute of my experience here at Ohio State and that is very much to do with the amazing friends that I have meet while here. From Day 1, I got to meet some of the best people in my life. Because of my Scholars program, we moved in a few days ahead of the rest of the freshman, giving us time to get to know each other very quickly. We have our own “family” made of other members of the program, and we hung out and did activities with them for quite a long time, and I’m still best friends with most all of them. And because we all live on the same floor, we see so much of each other, sometimes maybe too much, and we can’t help but get to know each other. My suitemates especially have been such a strong system of friendship and support in everything I’ve and have made the transition so much simplier. Only 3 people from my high school attended OSU, one being me, and the other two boys. So I was basically on my own, and to be blessed with such welcoming and happy people was so great. Fall break was the point in which I got really close with the people that were left. All of my roommates had left and only one of my suitemates was left, Ashley, who I didn’t know very well. However, at the end of that break, I had gotten close to my new roommate.


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ONe item that holds a lot of value to me is a picture frame that my friend Bobby made me for Christmas. It’s a testament of the great kind of people that I have met at Ohio State and he is one of the best friends I have ever met. We were in the same family and met on day 1, even though we did not talk much. It all started outside the Rotunda on the second day. That is the first time we sang Carmen, and he was by my side. From then on, we talked more and more. He would always be beyond willing to eat lunch with me, even if he had literally eaten just before that. Bobby is always willing to give of himself, even if that gets taken advantage of sometimes. More than anything he is just someone that anyone can talk to. Whether you are having problems, or you have happy news to share, he is always the first person that I want to talk to. He is literally one of the greatest, most genuine people I have ever met and I know he will be in my life for a very long time. The picture frame itself has the pictures of us from the first semester, and it literally shows the evolution of our friendship, from a casual game day selfie to an up close picture of us.  Its funny too because some of the pictures are the wrong orientation in the frame, so you can tell a guy made it, but it makes it that much more special to me.

About Me

My name is Emily Callicotte and I am currently a first year at The Ohio State University, studying accounting in the Fisher College of Business. I’m originally from Swanton, Ohio where I played sports and was involved with National Honor Society. Now I am an active member of the Dunn Sports And Wellness Scholars, as well as being involved with the Association for the Business of Sports and the Fisher Citizenship Program. I am also very interested in psychology, and am currently looking to possibly pursue a double major in order to work in the industrial organizational psychology field. In my freetime, I love to  paint canvases, especially while watching movies. As you might tell from the above information, I love sports and enjoy both watching and playing anything competitive. This summer I will be missing campus in my hometown, while I work an internship at a small company in the accounting office.