• Global Awareness: For me, a major way in which I am improving my Global Awareness is simply by being here at the Ohio State University, where I already find myself surrounded by so much more diversity than I ever was in my hometown. One specific way I hope to improve my Global Awareness is by taking advantage of OSU’s study abroad programs. I hope to do a study abroad in Athens, Greece at some point in my college career. I am also enrolled in both German Language, and Modern Greek courses which help me learn more about these cultures, one of which is my own.
  • Original Inquiry: One of my favorite things about Ohio State is it’s wide range of available courses. I could not say from right now a specific topic I want to research, but instead I want to use the beginning of my college career to challenge myself with these courses and find one that inspires me to do deeper research into a certain topic.
  • Academic Enrichment: I have never been one for doing the bare minimum. For me, an important part of college is not just taking required courses to help me graduate, but to take a variety of courses merely to enrich my knowledge. One way i am currently doing this is by taking two foreign languages, even though only one is required. The first, Modern Greek, the language of my culture and of my family. The second of German, a language I took in eight grade to fulfill a requirement but then fell in love with and have been learning ever since.
  • Leadership Development: My older sister was always more of the leader out of the two of us, and I was a follower who would simply trail behind her, but this all changed once I started high school. Whereas before I was content to be part of the crowd, I found myself growing frustrated with the way organizations were run, wishing the people in charge would do things differently, when i realized that a way to achieve that would be to put myself out there and become a leader. And I found that in doing so, not only did I see clubs changing for the better, but myself as well. I am a strong believer in quality over quantity, so I do not want to be a leader of every organization. I always thought it was best when leadership is truly passionate about the organization. and not just looking for resume builders. In my time at OSU, I want to be a leader in the things most important to me, whatever those end up being. i hope to not only change those clubs for the better, but that they will change me as well.
  • Service Engagement: I am a big believer that small gestures mean just as much as big ones. Essentially, I think it is amazing to partake in huge service projects, like when my youth group would raise money to provide Thanksgiving dinner for 60 needy families each year, or when we put on a fundraiser for a 7 year old girl with cancer. I would love to be able to participate in similar, and even larger service activities at OSU. But I think small acts of kindness are just as important, like picking up a piece of garbage you see lying in the Oval, or stopping to give someone directions, or inviting someone to sit with you in the cafeteria when all the other tables are full. These are small acts of service that I have witnessed others doing in my short time at campus. i strive to be someone who not only participates in the big service events that I can put on my resume, but to lead a life filled with small, everyday acts of service which may do nothing to improve my shot at getting a job, but everything to help those around me.

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