Plants Are Life


Plants Are Life:

Ohioans who possess weed might as well cultivate

By: Luke Borling

As states legalize marijuana, more people are open about their Cannabis use. Cannabis culture is now a class one can take in Ohio, and we even have two of the only schools of Cannabis in the United States. With Cannabis being a Schedule 1 drug and the United States war on drugs spread around the world we can only rely on research done by legal countries if we were to legalize this plant. With most of America outside of the states doing research, the United States will soon have access to legalized marijuana. Until then weed is still not legal in most of the United States, although Ohio decriminalized Cannabis back in 1975.

Getting caught with weed possession in Ohio is a minor misdemeanor and won’t receive anything on their record nor any jail time. While Cannabis is not a crime, pot smokers are still stigmatized as access to weed requires finding a drug dealer who charges for weed. Charging for and buying weed is a crime, but gifting it, possessing it, and cultivating is not. Ohioans who possess less than 100 grams of Cannabis, might as well cultivate since it is the same penalty and not a crime. In 1975 they couldn’t foresee the next 44 years of cannabis science that has made home growing possible, but we have developed LED grow lights and connoisseur autoflowering Cannabis.

Double Grape is an Indica dominant Autoflower by Mephisto Genetics that takes 65-70 days from sprout to harvest with THC levels tested by Canna at 21.75%

Cannabis Ruderalis has been largely ignored for low THC and short lifespan with its small yield, yet Ruderalis will play a big part in the decriminalization of cannabis in Ohio.[1] Weed is categorized by either large Indica bush, a Sativa tree, or a hybrid of both. Hybrids of Sativa and/or Indica with Ruderalis are referred as Autoflowers and are a houseplant/roadside weed cultivated for higher THC and yield while staying under the criminal limit. Ruderalis grows about 1-2 feet high and will naturally die for harvest while flowering even in cooler environments with light pollution like the Midwest. It took 44 years of decriminalization under the 90 years of prohibition, but education is the best way to locally provide access to Cannabis to those who want to smoke it.

Growing can be as easy or as intensive as you make it that not only cultivates marijuana, but oneself as we never stop growing and learning. Whether its having a plant on your balcony, living room, organic kitchen compost, or controlled environment grow tent in your bedroom, one will know what goes into their weed and that it can be nutritious and free from pesticides/harmful additives used by too many mass market cannabis plugs. Cannabis is not a crime and it grows like weed.




[1] Most of the information on Cannabis Ruderalis is attributed to Jorge Cervantes.