Web Space for Student Orgs

Leading a student organization is much like running a business. Except most student leaders are doing it while also balancing classes, social lives and part-time jobs. Using U.OSU simplifies the process of managing a website and not to mention it is completely free.

There are a number of features we’ve set up to give student orgs a versatile and all-encompassing web hosting service while simultaneously helping their professional appearance.

screen shot of u.osu.edu/osuphigam

U.OSU sites are multi-functional and can be set up as static websites, blogs, or a group site (or all three!). Most student organizations will see value in a static website or incorporating a static front page to a group blog. Check out this fraternity’s awesome page. The static site option is ideal for groups such as this one because you can just add and hide new content when necessary.

“Our graduate philanthropy golf outing had a registration page but now that’s over so we get rid of that page and replace it with a recruitment tab,” said Jacob Menken, the recording secretary for Phi Gamma Delta and primary manager of their website.

Even if you want to have one page with blog-like updates, you can have multiple static pages, including a static homepage, like this postdoctoral association. U.OSU is a WordPress platform so many students feel a sense of familiarity with the Dashboard and find setting up a site is simple with a little background knowledge or quick glance of the Resource Center, like this tutorial on setting up static sites and pages.

Another valuable feature for student organizations is the ability to add users and assign roles with varied permissions. The roles range from an administrator, who has full access and control of the site, down to subscribers. These permissions make it easier to give members on an executive board the power to edit certain posts while the head of the organization can still filter and review content.

“The value proposition is obvious, not only a free website but the legitimacy with OSU branding means we are who we say we are,” said Menken.One of the biggest benefits of U.OSU for student orgs is the added layer of professionalism that university branding provides.

Ohio State branding means your organization is recognizable in an instant. There is room for creative customization, of course, with the use of widgets and plug-ins but the clean templates and university credentials will let visitors know exactly who you are and that you are a part of a recognizable institution.

As students get comfortable with U.OSU they can utilize the many help articles in the Resource Center and regular help-articles posted on the U.OSU home page. The Buckeye Tech Forum posted an awesome piece about the value of integrating social media into their site.


You can see they practice what they preach by adding social media icons to their posts. It goes that whole customization thing we mentioned. The men of Phi Gamma Delta started out with minimal HTML and WordPress experience yet have created a robust site for their organization.

“Googling and being curious helped our website become what it is,” said Menken.

There are a number of additional features available for new and experienced users including tips on: