Increase Font Size and Zoom In

Our U.OSU themes are designed to behave well in all browsers and devices. That responsiveness includes using size 14 font to comply with web and accessibility standards. While you cannot alter the default font size, headings can help signify importance in your posts and also increase readability. If you still find yourself squinting at the screen, try out the options below to increase font size on your own browser or simply zoom in on a page.


Increase Font Size


Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click View, select Text Size and then click the text size you prefer.


1. Open Firefox.

2. Click View, then go to Zoom and select Zoom Text Only. This will make the zoom controls change the text size only, not images.

Note: To reset the font setting back to its default size, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then tap the number 0.


1. Open Chrome.

2. In the upper right, click the menu button on the toolbar.

3. Select Settings.

4. In the “Web Content” section, click the “Font Size” drop-down menu, and select the size you want.

Note: To reset the font setting back to its default size, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then tap the number 0.


1. Open Safari.

2. Click View, and then select Zoom Text Only. This will enable the regular zoom controls to change font size only, not zoom.


Zoom In



Method 1: Command key and + key.

When your browser is open, if you hold down the Command key and then press the + key, the page you are viewing will zoom in. You can press the + key multiple times to zoom in to your perfect setting. If you need to zoom out, then hold Command while pressing the – key.

mac keyboard detailing how to zoom in on a browser

Method 2: View Option When your browser is open there is a toolbar in the top-left corner.

chrome browser

Click on the View tab then scroll down and click “Zoom In.” This will zoom in on the browser window.

chrome browser_view_zoom in


Method 1: Mouse & Keyboard.

Find the Control key on your keyboard. By holding that down and moving the track pad on your mouse, you can zoom in or out. If you hold down the Control key and then press the + key, the screen will zoom in. To return the zoom to its default, simply hold down the Control key and press the 0 (zero) key. This will also hold true for the following methods.

Method 2: View.

In any browser, you can go to View  →  Zoom In to magnify what’s present on the screen.

Method 3: Magnifier.

Windows PCs have an accessibility tool called Magnifier that you can hold over parts of the screen for enhanced readability. Launch the tool by going to Start → Programs → Accessories → Accessibility → Magnifier. Click on the magnifying class icon to manage its settings or to turn it off.

  • Setting Magnifier to “Full Screen” mode magnifies your entire screen.
  • Setting Magnifier to “Lens” mode creates a magnified area that follows your mouse pointer, much like a real magnifying glass.
  • You may also adjust the zoom level of your Magnifier.

If your readers have expressed concern about small font size, share these tips with them as well. For more advice on U.OSU best practices, visit the Resource Center or check out a workshop.