Big Data for Nuclear Power Plants Workshop 2022 – 2023

Location: TBD

Big data technologies have experienced significant development in the past few years and have seen extensive application in nuclear power, especially because an increasing number of nuclear utilities, vendors, and research organizations have recognized that data analytics can provide significant improvements to the economics and safety of nuclear power plants.

The previous workshop identified the significant potential that big data technologies offer for optimization of maintenance and component inventory in power plants and generated a broader array of roles and value of big data analytics in nuclear power systems. In this workshop, emphasis will be placed on interdisciplinary applications of data science and artificial intelligence that bridge the domains of nuclear engineering, such as sensors, instrumentation & control, diagnostics and prognostics, system reliability, information science, computational challenges, materials behavior, manufacturing, cyber and physical security, nuclear non-proliferation and safety.

This will be a two-day workshop. Day 1 will feature panel discussions and presentations by researchers from academia, industry, and government. Day 2 will feature break out discussions. The proceedings of the workshop will include extended abstracts of Day 1 and 2.