Bed Bug App

App Available for iOS and Android devices:

This app covers a wide range of topics, including: Bed bug identification, inspection methods, prevention techniques, treatment strategies, travel tips, and more.

Junior Bed Bug Detective Video

This video aims to teach children the basic biology and signs of bed bugs, while also attempting to destigmatize bed bug infestations.


Additional information about bed bugs and other invasive species can be found using the following links.


Multilingual Information

University of Minnesota bed bug website
Information in Arabic (العربية), Hmong (Hmoob), Spanish (Español), Somali, Amharic (አማርኛ), Chinese (简体中文), French (Français), Oromo, Russian (Русский), Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) and English

University of Kentucky bed bug website
Information in Spanish (Español) and English

State of Virginia website with bed bug resources
Information in Spanish (Español) and English

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website
Information in Spanish (Español), Chinese (简体中文), French (Français), and English

University of California at Berkley bed bug evolution website
Information in Spanish (Español) and English

Links with Videos and/or PowerPoint Presentations

Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force (COBBTF) website

The Ohio State University Bed Bug Webinars and Presentations

University of California-Davis bed bug website

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

University of California Riverside Center for Invasive Species Research bed bug website

University of Maine Cooperative Extension bed bug website

Individual Fact Sheets

Colorado State University bed bug and bat bug fact sheet

Pennsylvania State University bed bug fact sheet

University of Arizona Cooperative Extension bed bug fact sheet

Additional Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bed bug website

National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) bed bug website

University of Florida bed bug website

Purdue Entomology

North Carolina State University bed bug website

Texas A&M University bed bug website

University of Tennessee bed bug website

University of Lincoln-Nebraska University Housing bed bug website


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