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Upward Bound is a program which helps eligible students prepare for college Upward Bound offers academic advising, tutoring, college information and visits, career exploration, personal and social development workshops, academic and cultural enrichment, and assistance with financial aid searches. Upward Bound is a TRIO program funded by the Department of Education. TRIO programs help students overcome class, social, academic, and cultural barriers to higher education. Upward Bound was created in 1965 and now serves almost 60,000 students in 816 Upward Bound projects nationwide.


During the school year, a teacher at your high school meets with the Upward Bound group each week. The Academic Advisor meets with you individually every 2 weeks. Tutoring in various subjects is provided.

Several Saturdays each school year, the Upward Bound students from Orrville, Wooster, McKinley, and Timken High Schools get together for an educational or cultural activity.

For six weeks during the summer, Upward Bound students attend classes at Ohio State ATI in Wooster and participate in a wide variety of popular activities. During three weeks of the six week program, students also reside at The College of Wooster dorms. The sixth week the program travels.


Ohio State ATI Upward Bound serves high school students with potential for success in post-secondary education who have a need for the services provided by Upward Bound. Upward Bound students are both students who want to continue their education beyond high school, and students with financial needs and/or students with parents who have not received a Bachelor’s degree.


There is no cost to students or their families. Moreover, students receive a stipend for their attendance and good grades.


Ohio State ATI Upward Bound students are expected to take personal responsibility for their futures by striving to excel in the classroom and preparing themselves to succeed in college. Specifically, Upward Bound students make a commitment to:

  • enroll in a college preparatory curriculum
  • work to build a good academic record, maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.0, and attending tutoring as needed for difficult courses
  • attend Upward Bound weekly meetings, academic advising sessions ,monthly activities, and the 6-week summer program.


Upward Bound can help you think about your future. Upward Bound provides career and college information and advising which will show you the opportunities that are available after high school. You’ll go on college visits to learn first-hand about college life.

Upward Bound can help you believe in yourself. Upward Bound provides the extra support and encouragement you may need to reach your potential. You will develop confidence and broaden your horizons.

Upward Bound can help you earn the grades you will need to succeed in college. Upward Bound provides academic advising, tutoring, study skills workshops, and summer academic classes. You will have an opportunity to prepare for the ACT and SAT college entrance exams.

Upward Bound can help you find money for college. Upward Bound will show you how to find and apply for financial assistance such as scholarships, grants, and loans.


  • Learn about colleges and how to apply and pay for them.
  • Learn how to get better grades in school and better scores on tests like the ACT.
  • Learn about careers and opportunities suited to you.
  • Learn more about yourself and the world.
  • Make new friends who also want to go to college.


Upward Bound recognizes and values the tremendous influence parents have in preparing their children to be successful in college. When a child becomes an Upward Bound student, his or her parent(s) or guardian(s) become Upward Bound parents.

Parents are included in yearly academic advising sessions and are kept informed of program activities and their child’s progress in the program. There are several parent workshops each year, and parents are welcomed to participate in Upward Bound activities and college visits as chaperones or volunteers.